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Imperials Wars: Part 8

Problems! Stryker discovers a cult!

written by Ian Kim (aka Emiko's Agent)

 A dark man in dark clothing stood at the edge of a ravine, overlooking
a city surrounded by forest in the distance.  He took one last drag on
his cigarette before flicking it away.  His long dusty coat swayed
gently under the wind of the falling sun, his shoulders tence as another
cold wind blew through his long black hair.  "Well here it is..." he
muttered, before heading back to camp and wait.  

 "So what are we doing NOW?!" Emiko cried, her hands gripping the
railing on the bridge.  This resulted in an automatic hug from Mai, but
it was not enough.  They've been pretty much doing nothing for the past
few days, just drifting.  What was the problem?  They had a senshi, now
all there was to do what find the other one!  
 As if answering her prayers for action, Eva drifted beside her. 
"Emiko-chan, Eric wants you to report to the mech bay."  Casting a smile
at Mai, she added, "you too Mai-chan."

 The Mech Hanger was quite large, holding both the gesault space
fighters and the smaller multipurpose atmosphere mecha.  Emiko walked
briskly along a catwalk suspended high in the air, to where Eric was
standing.  He was observing Emiko's personal mech, Diamond.  "Girl's
best friend!" she called, getting the tall elf's attention.  Diamond was
a female mech, which meant it was a little more agile and quick than the
male mech (which in turn was more powerful).  Female mechs also looked
like giant armour-plated women, complete with purposely configured
components which gave it what looked to be shielded breasts and large
hips.  Some officers jokingly assumed that male engineers built the
female mechs, while the women built the male ones. "So what's up?" 
 Eric tossed his head up and rubbed his neck.  "You and I will be
dropping down on the Northern region of Earth, near the arctic.   We are
to rendezvous with someone who goes by the name of Stryker.  Unknown to
you and me, the ACD had sent an officer ahead of us to acquire some
assistance from a local, to keep track of any mysterious on-goings
around the planet."
 The spunky pink-head revealed a grin. "Mysterious huh?  Well, this
guy's gotta be pretty good if he can separate the weird stuff from the
normal weird stuff that goes on around CAPOW."
 Eric shrugged.  "Hey, beats me.  I just do what my superiors tell me. 
I don't think there's anything wrong with this mission."  
 "Wai!" Mai interupted, "Will I be going with my sensei?!"  She frowned
when Eric shook his head.  
 "Sorry Mai, not today.  Actually, we have a different mission for you
and Mika."
 "Really?!" her eyes lit up. "Sugoi!!!!"
 "Anno..but you don't know what it is yet, Mai-chan."
 "It doesn't matter!" Mai cried, mitts clenched.  "Now this is a chance
to prove myself and be like my sensei!!  Wai!!"
 Eric grinned.  "Just don't be too much like her.  She's got some
bad--"  Emiko wacked him on the arm before he could finish.  
 "Watch it, you..." she glared.  
 The cat girl looked over Emiko's shoulder to see Mai glowing with an
aura of determination.  "Meow," she said, "Mika must remember not to
give Mai candy."
[If someone wants to add something for their character here (i.e. about
the Strauss / Imperial war or somehting), this break would be the time
to do it.]
 Grass became more and more sparce as the land flew by the two mechs. 
Emiko looked around like an excited school girl on field trip, trying to
capture all the wonderful sights that blurred by her mech at blazing
speed.  "This is so exciting!" 
 Eric's head, strapped into head gear like her own, appeared on the
screen.  "Haven't you done this before?"
 "Of course," Emiko stated matter-o-factly.  "I just can't get over the
exhileration of it all!  The land moving by so quickly..the feel of the
air brushing through the ventilation of Diamond-chan...!  I wonder if
this is the type of exhileration Isamu-san felt when he flies. 
 "Otaku-baka." he mocked, "still comparing everything to what you see
and hear on the Dimensional New, eh?"
 "Oh be quiet." Emiko shock back with a grin.  They've made sarcastic
remarks at each other since primary school.  After all this time, it
still hasn't ended.  "You just want to get to where the fighting
is...but I on the other hand, appreciate the beauty of every moment."
she added with a giggle.
 "Hey, I appreciate beauty...but there's nothing better than the
adrenaline rush one feels once a battle starts.  Heart thumping, mind
racing...there's nothing else like it!"
 "Hmph.  Just don't get it my way with it starts."
 "Ha ha.  Remember that _I_ taught _you_, rookie-chan."
 Emiko cursed.  "You won't leave me alone on that, will you?"   Even
after obtaining the same rank as Eric, it would forever be remembered
that she was Eric's sidekick at a time.  
 "Hey, I gotta have something to fall back on if you start to win." he
grinned.  His face could be seen looking beyond the vidlink monitor. 
"Oy," he called, "We're here.  Let's go."
 "Ten five." she called back, purposely getting the signal wrong.  
Emiko followed Eric's lead as his mech "Apex" dived into some cloud
cover.  Following him on radar, she decended below the clouds.  When the
mist disappeared, she saw a small ravine in the horizon.  Magnifying
towards the edge of the cliff, the figure of a man appeared.  He looked
rugged yet fairly good looking.  "Wow, everyone sure looks good around
here." she smiled.  

 [If you want to add something more about the other plot here, now's the

 Mai sat still in her seat, her hand resting on an Eva remote unit which
sat comfortably on her lap.  She was sitting still because she was so
mesmerized by the planet growing on the viewscreen before her.  Mika
beamed a happy cat-smile, descending quickly to the planet.   
 "Su-GOI!!" Mai cried out of about the tenth time.  
 When they punctured through the atmosphere, Mika plugged into some
co-ordinates and stretched her limbs.  Casting a sideways glance, she
watched the small little girl through her cyan eyes.  "Mai never been to
planet?" she asked curiously.
 "Not this close!" the exuberante girl replied.  "It's not often I get
to go into space.  Most work is on the ground!"
 "Meow.  Mika not go into space much either.  Say space not good for
 "Really?" Mai wondered with wide eyed enthusiasm.
 "Well, Mika not feel anything funny.  Maybe just silly rumour some
scaredy-cat made up."  They both laughed at that.
 "So what are we supposed to do now?"
 "Mika knows!  Mika told that inter-dimension communication with Genesis
not work so good.  So we send stealth problem to local person who know
how to fix."
 "Really?!?!"  Mai seemed to be over enthused about everything
today..most likely because she was just so excited about doing something
new.   "Wow!!  Someone smart like Ken-san! Wai!"
  The rambunctious cat-girl meowed in agreement.  "Name is Dr.
Feelgood.  Live on outskirt of CAPOW.  Has small underground lab.  Some
say he little crazy."  
 The small two seater shuttle landed on a flat plane of deserted land,
and the two girls steped outside, the Eva Unit in tow.  Mika was staring
at a map.  "Gee.  Mika was told it here somewhere."  She looked around,
in all directions, making a slow gutteral cat noise of worry.   Mai
clutched onto the Eva sphere like it were a pillow.  
 "Feelgood-san!!" she called.  "Feelgood-san!!!!"  It wasn't after the
third shout that the ground beneath them opened up. 
"Aiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!"  With no time to react, the two fell into the abyss

 "Hey there," Stryker said as he reluctantly shook the hands of the two
before him.  The blue haired elf looked a little out of he
belonged in a magazine, not in northern country.  The excited femme
looked like her clothes were going to explode if there was any more
pressure.  Rather than lingering on small talk, he got right down to the
point.  "Where my payment?"
 "Don't worry about it, my associates have deposited the money into the
account you specified.  My name is Eric Gen, and this is Emiko
 "Pleased to meet you!" Emiko followed with an adorable smile.  "So what
have you found Stryker-san?"
 Stryker keyed in something into his bank card.  After reassuring
himself that the money was in fact there, he led them over to the

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