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Imperials Wars: Part 10

Intercept! Ambush on planet!

written by Ian Kim (aka Emiko's Agent)

  "There." Stryker directed their attention to a village that was almost
unnoticable to the naked eye.  
 "And what's so important about this village?" questioned Eric.  
 In response, Stryker pulled out a small handheld device.  "Well.." he
said, tapping over some buttons.  The village vanished without a trace.
 "Nani?!" Emiko gasped, grabbing onto Eric's arm.  
 "You see," Stryker continued, "it took a while to find this village,
because for all intents and purposes, it's not really there.  They've
cleverly set-up a dimensional net over the village, replacing the image
of their village with a image of the forest from an alternate reality
where the village REALLY doesn't exist."
 "Uh huh..." Emiko nodded, her face clearly exhibiting a state of
confusion.  Stryker wasn't sure if she understood any of that, but saw
that Eric was more in the know.
 "All right..but does this have anything to do with the senshi?"
 Stryker lit another cigarette and took a puff.  "Hey, that senshi stuff
is your business.  I was told to find something 'weird.'  If you wanted
weird I could have dragged anyone off the CAPOW streets and handed 'em
to ya."  He finished his cigarette and tossed it aside. 
 "Hey, you litter bug!" Emiko scolded.  
 "Look miss, my job's over.  I'm headin' outta here."  With that, he
began packing his equipment.
 "Wait." Eric started.  "I've read your profile.  We might be in need of
your bomb expertise.  I don't know what's down there, so we could use an
extra hand."
 The bounty hunter looked down the ravine.  It was a long drop.  Looking
for someone no one has seen...going to a place that should not exist. 
He looked over at the mechs, whose shadows cast over them as the sun
disappeared from the sky.  Eric extended a hand, but Stryker did not
take it.  "I help you from up here," he said.  "I'm not to particular
about riding one of your machines."
 "Fine." Eric agreed.  
 "..and I'm holding your ACD accountable to that bounty set up for this
 "Hai!" Emiko said, "but remember that it's 'reward for getting her
 Stryker smiled, and began to unpack again.  


 Finally, Mika saw the ground approach.  From the way it looked, the
area seemed to be padded.  Her left arm was wrapped tightly around Mai,
who was screaming at the top of her lungs.  Luckily the rumours were
true and cat-girls really _do_ land on their feet.  Flexing her legs in
the air, she hit the mattress in a crouched position.  With bone
struction and cartiledge tougher than an ordinary human, Mika leaped
back in the air, bouncing on the mattress like a ball until she got a
grip on the floor.  After about 6 bounces, Mika remained still.  
 Mai's expression was of sheer dizziness.  "Sensei..." she gurgled.
 "Meow.." muttered Mika, rubbing her knees gently.  The pit was quite
deep, and there was no way of getting back up.  Luckily, there was a
door before them.  In a cat-like manner, Mika scratched at the door. 
"Meow!!" she called.
 There was a loud answer from the other side which made her jump.  "NURZ
JONEZZ!!!  VE AVE VIZITORS!"  After a scuffle of hurried footsteps and
the noise of bolts being removed, the large metal door opened.  Standing
before them was what looked like a nurse.  Red hair cascaded down a
pretty face and pretty body.  
 It was too bad Mika wasn't in a better mood. Extending a claw, she
pointed an accusing paw.  "Did you drop Mika?"
 The nurse looked rather bubbly at the cat-girl, then looked up at the
hole in the sky.  "Oh I'm _sorry_!  I forgot that the good doctor took
down the elevator for repairs!"  She looked at the dizzy little child in
the cat-girls arm.  "A patient!  Oh good!  Come in please!"
 "Uh..meow?" Mika started, before she was dragged into the room.  It was
quite a large underground chasm, a small bed scattered with hospital
equipment on one side, while the larger portion of the room was filled
with all sorts of equipment.  There was so much equipment in fact that
it looked more like a junk yard than a labratory.  Mika began to wonder
what she was doing if someone who lived in a place like this
could create a defence for stealth tech.  
 Mai snapped out of of her dizzy state when they both witnessed the
nurse perform a series of backflips to the hospital bed, grab a few
items, and land back in place in a matter of seconds.  "Wow." piped an
astonished Mai.
 "Here you go, this will help you out of that dizzy state."  Before her
was a sharp needle.  
 Mai reacted quicker than a grasshopper.   "HA HA HA!!!  I'm okay! 
See!?" she yelped, walking around in circles a few times, and then
performing a straight line walk.  
 The nursed shrugged in a way that made her look like an real airhead. 
"Oh well, maybe next time."  Mai let out a big sigh and clutched onto
the EVA ball harder than before.  
 "Ach!  Vhat ave we 'ere?!"  The two girls jumped when a tall skinney
dishevled man entered through a pile of equipment.  He had hair that
looked like it was in a continual state of static shock, and the eyes
looked a little off from normal.  Mika let out a low noise of caution. 
The doctor took large strides like he was on stilts until he was over
them, peering at them like they were under a microscope..or a laser
cannon.  "Hmmm...Hmmm....very intresting...vun schmall little gurl, and
a half-vreed svecimen!"  He was mildly interested until he saw the
ball.  "OH HO!!  Vhat is zis?  A modjular compooter?  Let me zee dis
ting!"  He tried to tug it away from Mai's arms.
 "Hey, this is my ball!" piped Mai.  In fear of losing it, she hit the
on button of the sphere. Eva appeared.
 "Konnichi wa.." she bowed deeply in her holographic state.  
 "Oh cool!" exclaimed Nurse Jones.  
 "Arigato." Eva responded.  "Hello doctor Feelgood.  My name is Eva
Lemon, and these are my friends Mika Meow and Mai."  
 The cat-girl smiled, noticing that Eva managed to pronounce her last
name properly.  "Mika and friends here because we need help in making
stealth tech thingy to stop intruders!"  She reached into Mai's pouch
and retrieved a data pad.  Feelgood looked through the information, his
eyes lighting up.  
 "A stealth doohicky?  Veryy interesting...pleeze" he prompted to Eva. 
"Come wiz me.."  Eva meandered off with the eccentric man into the
confines of his lab, leaving Mika and Mai wondering what to do now.


 "Alright, follow me in!"  Eric called over the channel.  Emiko could
tell he was getting excited.  Thrusters ablaze, Apex and Diamond
descended into the chasm, the floor of the ravine coming towards them at
a maddening pace.  Due to the carful design of the mechs, the craft
landed in the dence forest safely with little need to slow down.  Apex
hit the ground first, it's anti-proton BAC (Blade and Auto Cannon) 
sizzling with blue fire.  Diamond landed right behind, her plasma BAC at
 Eric did an immediate 360 scan of the surroundings with the neural
extension sensors.  So far, so good.  
 "I feel no life readings, Eric-san." Emiko stated over the comm. 
"Looks pretty dead."
 "Hai." he agreed.  His eyes glanced down and noticed that they were on
some sort of patterned floor.  "What's this?"
 The Diamond followed Apex' gaze to the floor.  There were seven red
lines running across the ground, all of them leading to a symbol near
Apex' foot.  Emiko did a rescan of the area.  "There appears to be 7
stone columns at different distances along this path."  With a bit of
hesitation, she added "I don't like this oni-san." 
 Eric acknoledged the worry with a thumbs up from his mech.  Every time
Emiko called him a brother was when she was feeling troubled. 
"Alright.  Stay cool Emiko-chan."
 "I dunno...these markings...ritual designs...I'm getting a really weird
tingling sensation through my body."
 The Apex moved it's foot cautiously off one of the red lines,
implanting it away from the symbol.  "Heh, that tingling sensation
wouldn't be hormonal, would it?"
 "Har har, very funny." Emiko laughed nervously.  It was dark now, and
visibility was diminishing.  "Switching to night vision."  With Genesis
tech, night vision was like turning the sun back on, with little loss of
vision.  Eric did the same.  
 "Okay, let's proceed as planned.  I'm setting the dimensional shield
nullifier on."  
 Eric tensed a bit, and after a few well controlled muscle moments of
the fingers, his BAC lit up and shot into the forest.  A brief distance
later, reality before them distorted and the shield before them
vanished.  The dark forest down the path disappeared, revealing a small
industrial settlement.  There was a tall tower in the distance, an
inverted sword shining bright red at it's peak.  

 There were also about 10 mechanoid robots standing there too.

 Eric remained silent, but he could almost hear the worry coming over
the comm.  Emiko sure wasn't taking this well.  Was it one of her powers
acting up again?  He had known her since she was born, and she was a
tough cookie.  The only thing he could think of was her psychic nerves
were acting up.  This usually meant trouble.  Eric held and arm back, in
a determined attempt to protect his "onee-chan."  Neither side moved an
inch, leaving them all exposed to the silence of the dead black forest. 
The mechs they faced were of similar design to eachother.  Though not of
the same high calibre as the Genesis mecha, they didn't need much to hit
two mechs standing in a clearing.  Eric cursed himself for being so
unprepared.  Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours, the
meeting frozen in time.  The neural connection to the Apex was on full
 Checking her scanners again, Emiko made a extended neural search of the
area to make sure that there was no activity in the area.  She didn't
sence anything, but her mind told her differently.  "Oni-san, I think
they're stalling us!"
 "We can't make the first move.  We're officers.  They haven't done
anything wrong."
 "Okay, fine, but this silence is stopping now."  Getting her mech
together, Diamond moved up a few steps forward.  "Excuse me!" boomed the
speakers.  "I was wondering if--"
 She was rudely cut off by the lead mech.  "You.." it started.  The
driver sounded very angry.  "You have defiled the sacred shrine of our
glorious god--"
 "Uh oh."  Eric put a tighter grip on his controls.  
 "-now you will pay for such a desecration!  In the name of out mighty
God Susano, you DIE!!"
 "Say WHAT?!" Emiko cried.  "Susano-san--?"
 Eric didn't have time to ponder on that point.  He swung his defense
shield about from the back, seconds before the mechs opened fire.  The
impact of ten vollies of plasma fire against his shield send the Apex
jolting back, the explosions of energy ripping up the night.  Emiko knew
better than to stay idle.  Sliding across the floor in front of Eric,
she shread through the mass of mechs with her own brand of plasma. 
"Eric, I'm getting more readings!"
 "I hear ya!" he replied.  It was a trap, and while the anti-proton
energy from his weapon tore through the ten mechs in front like trace
paper, it was a straight shot beam weapon.  A quick look at his monitor
indicated 20 more fighters approaching from the air.  "Shit!" He
manuvered his mech over Emiko with a short burst of thruster power and
tore through enemy lines, making short work of the ground opposition
with the blade of his BAC.  Emiko in turn rolled Diamond on it's back
and lit of the night sky with bright pink plasma, gutting some airborn
mechs in the night air.  There were more from behind.  Eric launched
Apex, with Diamond in the rear, firing rapidly into the forest where the
other mechs lay.  Deflecting five shots with Diamond's arm, Emiko tried
to outmanouver the rest.  
 "Missles your way!" Eric called over.
 "I can't deal with them!"  
 "All right, just a sec."  Apex headed straight for them, thrusters
igniting in a brilliant ball of energy.  With a few well placed shots,
the missles exploded.  Retracing his path with equal reverse thrust, he
tenced his hands and concentrated.  "Solar.." he began, "Apex..."  The
mech moved in fluid motion with his mind, the neural connection sending
and receiving flawlessly.  "Burn!!!"  Chi energy shot forth from the
hands of the mech, torching the ground.  
 Then he heard Emiko scream. 
 "Emiko?!"  His sensors brought him up to speed.  Some strange green
light was firing from the top of a cathedral.  It had shot Emiko's mech,
and in an instant, she was gone.  "Emiko-chan!!"  He could hear himself
call her name, but he was so shocked from losing her that it seemed like
it was coming from far away.  
 Her voice was not heard from the comm, but rather it replaced by a
man.  "Get out of there Eric!"  It was Stryker.  "I've seen that beam
before.  It's a trans-dimensional weapon!"
 "Damn!"  Eric cursed.  Apex made a final strafe over the land, avoiding
the light and releasing some more chi energy before ascending out of the
ravine.  Emiko had been hit with a TDW...sucked into one of the many
alternate realities that the place inhabited.  Getting sucked in himself
would only worsen the problem since there was no guarantee he would end
up in the same reality.  
 Once over above the cliff, he saw Stryker emit a strange device.  The
village disappeared. "I've switched realities back to it's hiding
configuration.  I need to access a computer to figure out where your
friend was sent."  
 Eric landed with a boom, urgency in his voice.  "You can access Eva
from my Apex.  Let's be quick." 

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