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Imperials Wars: Part 11

Change! Three Senshi, Three Places!

written by Jeff Jarlett

[Strauss homeworld]

Tensions were rising after people heard about the Straussian forces's
defeat at
Blucher.  The people of Strauss believed that the Imperial army would
use their
feared planetbuster on the homeworld, even if Jay was the commander. 
Most of
Strauss did not prefer either leader, they had seen the rule of both,
and both
were fair to both the people and the nobility.

Little Jinxie was not worrying aboutany of this.  Her duties were
simple, do
some basic ritual at the shrine of Susano.  For that she had her miko
on, red pants, white shirt.  While it wasn't exactly her sense of style,
it was

Susano was generally, in the old days, viewed more as a god to be
feared, not
loved, therefore the number of visitors was small, except for a small
and noisy
cult that seemed to worship with sake.  Even the leaders of Strauss
rarely if
ever visited the temple.  Jinx had never seen Jay or Jerry, and these
affairs were beyond her reach, and therefore beyond her care.  She'd
play with Silber anyways...  

Silber was Jinxie's pet wolf.  She had adopted her as a cub and she
her as the only family she really had- the old man at the temple who
her was nice, but not family. Silberwas rather large and strong for a
Jinxie could sit on Silber painlessly and she could carry her wherever
wanted to go.  Silber was silver-black and had a beautiful coat.  She
was also
endlessly loyal to Jinx and followed her everywhere, even in the temple

There were two visitors today.  One was a fairly muscular guy, and the
hid his features behind a shroud.  The veiled person said to the
muscular one.

"Huck, I think we found the power of Makendo."  Huck smiled.  Jay will
happy.  He told the other person.

"We need to be diplomatic about this.  You can't just kidnap her.  I say
invite her to see Jay.  He's very charming with the girls.  Too bad my
sister hates him!"

Huck approached Jinx.  "Hi."

Jinx replied with a smile.  "Hi.  Need anything, prayer wards,
blessings?"  She
then tried do deepn her voice a little to sound like Sakura, but to no
Huck recognized the attempt, and instinctively showed a surprisingly

Huck then tole Jinx.  "We of the True Grand Duchy of Strauss believe
that you
are the reincarnation of the Third Senshi Makendo.  You are destined for
important life, and a life of your own destiny.  We would like for you
co come
with us and meet our leader, Jay of the house of Strauss.  We will give
time to pack your belongings and whatever things you want."

Jinx than asked.  "Does that include Silber?"  Jinx thought Huck was a
too muscular to be truly yummy, but he was still not bad-looking.  The
she had seen Jerry and Jay on TV, Jay looked a lot dreamier than Jerry,
looked kind of weird.  She asked the family she was living with once
those two.  They told her that rulers only cared about themselves and to
remember that at all times.  They also told her to clean the temple
Jinxie looked forward to being a senshi.  It meant she got to have a
cool-looking fuku, no chores, and cool powers.  She then told Huck 
"I'll come,
just give me a little time to get ready, could you help me pack?"

Jinx wondered what was going on?  She wondered how she was one of the
reincarnated senshi.  However, Jinx thought about her destiny without
being a
senshi.  The prayer wards, the boring school into boring college into
shrine work.  "The life of a miko is so boring!"  was a chant that had
repeatedly been heard throughout the shrine as Jinx grew up.  Now, as
she was
about to enter adulthood, the fate of a senshi had been thrust upon
her.  Jinx
knew that it would probably be exciting, and that it meant no more

Jinx then looked at the two people who claimed that she was a senshi,
wasn't sure if she could trust them or not.  The thought of refusing
them came
into her mind, but her intuition told her that they were not going to
take no
for an answer, and they could do something about it.  The fact that they
not afraid of the shrine of Susano was a sign that they were either too
powerful or too brave to care, or that failure was even more fearful. 
decided that it was safer to go peacably, and that it would be more
than sweeping dust and giving oracles the rest of her life...

Thirty minutes later, a visibly exhausted Huck was carrying 800lbs of
wolf food, games, and other accesories up to their ship.  The veiled
sweatdropped.  A few hours later they headed towards the Lohengramm...

[Kircheis, Jerry and Marie's bed 0200]
Jerry had ordered Dachend to send Anne over to the Kircheis in the
Jerry knew that hewanted Anne somewhere safe, and the safest place he
think of was the Kircheis.  Jerry thought of all the friends in his
life, his
wife Marie, Zang's clan, Anne, Mai, the late Master who taught him so

Jerry thought to himself, I will make sure you don't suffer the pain. 
looked at his arm, the one that had been replaced.  "This is nothing, he
thought, my brother has suffered worse."  He then wondered what had
caused Jay
to turn evil.  A dark figure then entered the room.

"Heh, heh."

Jerry gasped and got ready to fight, his new arm instinctively shaped
into a claw.  "The Empire?  In my bedroom?"

The figure laughed.  "Empire, please, I'm more important than that.  You
who I am.  I am what you are, what you will be..."

Jerry said, "What the hell are you talking about?  If you're going to
try and
kill me, get on with it, I'm trying to get some sleep!"

The figure so black it shone in the night replied,  "I'm coming for
you.  The
house of Strauss owes it's origin to me.  Your father broke the
contract.  I
killed him, and I'm coming for the sons.  I already have your brother- I
him weak.  You are stronger, worthy to join me.  You have two options-
join me
willingly and be a proud servant, or deal with so much pain to yourself
and your
friends that you will come begging to join me.  I ought to warn you, I
get my way."

Jerry's rage intensified.  "I'll tell you option #3. kicking your ass if
don't get the hell out of here!"

The creature chuckled.  "Very well then, I'm leaving.  My process has
begun, your brother is helping.  Prepare for the pain.  I'll be back
when you
are ready."

Jerry spent the rest of the night wondering if that was the "Dark Guy"
that was
part of Straussian legend, and if so, what did he have to do with
Marie was awoke by Jerry's rustling and asked what was going on.  Jerry

"Darling, just a nightmare- nothing to worry about."  Jerry wondered if
was just that or a premonition of darker things to come.


Jinx saw the giant ship and was speechless.  This ship was huge.  As
boarded, Jay was there to greet them in full military regalia.  jinx
blushed at
the sight of such a handsome man.  The blond hair, the face, the body. 
almost licked her lips at the sight of him.  Huck and a few guards were
unloading the last of Jinx's  stuff.

Huck reported to Jay.  "I got one senshi.  As for the other two.  One is
in the
hands of Genesis forces, and Anne is in the hands of some
bountyhunters.  In
compliance with your orders, I made sure to get Makendo, then I got the
out of there.  I present to you Jinx, Sailor Makendo."

Jinx smiled.  "Call me Jinxie.  Oh, I hope you have space for all my
stuff.  I
hope I didn't pack too much."  Half the cargo bay was filled with
tights, shirts, shoes, miko outfits, a minituare 40' Susano statue, and
games.  All the clothes were in Jinx-size.  Jay smiled.  He liked this
In fact, he liked all the senshi.  Is was for this reason as much as the
to conquer Genesis that he wanted to have all the senshi.  He then

He asked Jinx.  "Is this yours?"  Jinx nodded.

"A-choo! I'm allergic to wolves!  Get it away from me!"  Jinx yelled

"Her name is Silber, my best friend!"

"OK, but keep her away from from me, or I'll get sick!"

Jinx humphed and semi-seriously pouted into her room. 
She remembered that she had forgot to change out of her miko outfit, and
hadn't had a shower in three days, so she asked one of the guards where
showers were.

The guard replied.  "Here they are!"  She showed here the sonic shower
Jinx took one look at the shower and said,  "Ew, those look

The guard nodded.  Jinx took her shower quickly to avoid the discomfort. 
Fortuantely sonic showers take only 30 seconds.  She noticed the guards
her miko outfit away.  She quickly pinned the guard to the wall with a
perfectly-placed double earring toss.

The guard shrieked, blood coming from the ears where he was pinned.

Jay quickly entered the room.  "What's going on?"  He saw Jinx hiding in

Jinx screamed, "What are you doing with my clothes you peeping tom!"

Jay calmly stated.  "We are washing them.  I would appreciate it if you
attack my guards.  Your senshi outfit will be in your room, and here's
something for you to put on when you get out of here."  He laid another
outfit on the ground, same colors- red hakama, white kimono.

Jinx nodded and said.  "Sorry, I just thought they were going to force
me to
come out naked."

Jay nodded and left, privately amazed at Makendo's reflexes.  He
exactly what her powers would be when trained.  

Jinx looked in her room.  The senshi outfit of Makendo was left on the
Black skirt, white top with black bows.  Jinx liked it, and Silber lept
the bed to be hugged.  Jinx tried the outfit on, it fit perfectly
without being
too revealing, and it was flexible and mobile.  Jinx got out of it,
folded it
up- Jinx was always neat about her appearance, and put on her nightgown
to go
to sleep, Silber at her lap.


The Aberstein rejoined the fleet.  Dachend greeted Jerry.  "I apologize
for not
finding all the senshi.  Genesis got Kenshin andI have no idea of the
of Makendo."

Jerry nodded.  "At least Anne is safe!"  Jerry remembered the Anne from
first battles with the Jay and the Empire and the current Anne before
They were different both physically and mentally.  This Anne was less
developed, younger.  He already knew about this and how Washu had let
her be a
kid again.  

A quiet state or sorrow entered Jerry's heart.  Why must he force her to
again?  Why can't she have a normal childhood.  Jerry thought back to
the happy
memories of his early life, how he and Jay grew up together, played
even if Jay won all the time.  Then he remembered the darkness and how
both saw the horrors of Sarazano, losing thier parents.

Jay became obsessed with revenge and bloodlust.  He started killing
people and
developing his chi to levels that were near-invincible.  Most people
looked to
him as the ruler of Strauss out of fear.  The regent was a weak puppet,
both Jerry and Jay knew that.  However, when the regent was hacked to
with no source of a blade, Jerry had a sense that he was next.  

Jerry fell into a depressive funk, roaming
around the galaxy learning the magic.  The magic was all he cared about,
all he
could think about.  Particualrly the magic of souls.  Jerry's dream was
create a world of the undead where no one would ever have to die. 
Jay was living his dream of blood and power, and had started his plot to
over the universe.

Then one day Jerry found himself in a strange land with stranger
people.  He
was skepticla and cautious of these people at first, but a feeling he
felt in years came back- he cared.  NO longer was the magic he used just
tool.  Then another renegade from Strauss came, Anne.

Jerry looked at Anne.  Sarazano was when he was Anne's age. 10 years had
since then for him.  He was never as happy now as he was then, save for
brief moment.  Jerry thought of the battle to save Strauss the first
time- the
time he had reclaimed his responsibility that he was destined to wield. 
also remembered the terrible cost it put on those involved.  Now he had
to ruin
Anne's life again- to save his people.

Jerry then thought of his dream last night.  A cold shiver ran down his
He wondered about the dark guy and if what he dreamt was happening.  He
wondered why - a giant shikigami was about to run into him


Anne and Marie quickly ran to him.  "Gomen Jerry-sensei!"
"Are you all right!"

Jerry hid the pain ebbing through his ribs.  He nodded.  His ribs were
cracked, but shikigami trampling was painful!  He wondered about how
Anne got
shikigamis, and what that meant.  Jerry knew that shikigamis were meant
to be
guardians.  Was this a sign that she was to be protected- from him?  Am
really serving the dark guy?

The giant crate of chocolate chip cookies was unloaded off the
enough to last the crew for a week!  The crew cheered- finally something
original to eat!  Kircheis food was not among the galaxy's specialties. 
wasn't four-star cooking, but it beat four-heaves cooking!

Jerry led Anne to Marie's room, where the three of them had a nice
dinner- with more chocolate-chip cookies.  Jerry was glad the shikigai's
eat his dinner and his ribs were still in one piece!  Jerry spent the
meal wondering about the symbolism behind today.  Jerry then tenatively
to pet one of the shikigami's.  Anne smiled, usually people were afraid
of her
"pets".  The shikigami allowed Jerry to pet him, causing a wave of
relief to
spread throughout Jerry's face, relief that he had needed.  He thought
the the
reson for the trampling was just that the shikigamis were trying to be

Anne found her quarters.  They were smaller than the ones she was used
to, but
adequate.  She put her clothes up- she travelled lightly, mostly jeans,
and sneakers, with a couple of extras just in case.  Marie then came
into the
room.  She tole Anne that it was time for her to select a senshi outfit.

Anne went to the computer and looked at the various outfits Marie had
Most of them were fuku, but there were a few others.  Anne asked Marie
there were so many fuku designs.

Marie smiled and said, "This is what the crew wanted!  Jerry had
select one outfit, and if it was picked, they got a free steak dinner!"

Anne quickly looked through all the outfits.  She looked at Ryan's
"Eww, hentai!!!"

Anne finally decided on a winner.  Miko had designed an outift similar
to the
plugsuits pilot's wear.  Anne pointed to this one.  Marie told Jerry the
results, and the outfit was made, and Miko got her steak dinner.

The suit was blue and white, not very fancy.  It did hold shape well,
and was
very comfortable.  It actually was two layers of suit together,
between a number of protection wards that Jerry had created, to improve
defenses.  Anne smiled and decided that finally she had a senshi outfit
that be
drafty and cause guys to make fun of her.  Anne tried the outfit on,
smiled at
the comfort level, and then got her real clothes back on.  While that
was comfortable, she knew that those fancy outfits woule never be as
comfprtable as a simple old pair of jeans.  She then took her sonic
shower and
went to sleep, with the shikigamis at her side.

[Holmsund Spaceport Restaurant]
Miko and Ryan claimed the prize, and went out together.  Miko was
beginning to
have a touch of fame to her, and one kid asked for her autograph.  She
signed.  Ryan jabbed at Miko, "Don't let it go to your head kid, you're
still a

Miko smiled and jabbed him back.  "Don't like the competition ojisan?"

Ryan gave a mock scowl.  "Ojisan!"  Miko giggled.  Even though the
started as a dinner among friends. it was, to the heartbreak of many of
young pilots, getting to be a little more than just friendship.  The two
them talked and laughed into the night...

[Kircheis ready room]
Jerry, Plum, and Dachend were all discussing various strategies to take
back.  Jerry wanted to go for the juggular immediately and risk it all,
Plum wanted to continue the war of attrition which Strauss was winning! 
Dachend then told Jerry a couple of new pieces of information.

"I have recruited the headhunter fleet to serve with us in the war. 
They will
add nicely, though they are expensive- I had to use your credit line for
payment."  Jerry winced a little at that, but more ships were needed and
Strauss did have the resources to pay for it.  "Also Sparrow Adams has
to take on your diplomatic assignment.  He will visit the old Empire and
see if
any of the old races want to help out."

Jerry was delighted at this news, and then he gave the order.  "Plum,
step up
the attrition battles, but when I get all these ships and the new ones
we are
building, we'll go at them hardcore!"  Plum was taken back by Jerry's
show of
emotion, usually he seemed to be a laid-back guy, but this was the
strategy she
was going to suggest, so she just smiled.  The three of them immediately
plans for the assault to recapture Blucher...

Meiko was fuming about being confined to quarters on the way back to
She wanted to take over the ship personally, but that damn blue-haired
elf boy was too powerful!  She wondered if her chance at revenge was
Mostly she wanted to get back at that cowardly brother of Jay who
stabbed him
in the back and turned Anne away from the true path.  She knew Jay's
plan, she
figured it out by herself.  This was before they were lovers.  Since
then she
found out the plans.  However, something strange was happening.  A
figure of
light entered the room, with radiant white wings...

"You did a very bad thing today, Meiko."

"How did you know my name and how did you get in here?"

"Don't worry about that.  My name is Nana.  I'm here to help you."

"OK, Jay sent you here to bust me out...  Right...  You don't look like
he'd send."

"No, Meiko, I'm here to ask you to help Jay out.  I know you care for
him.  He
has been corrupted by someone."

"I know, that weasel brother of his." Nana was having a tough time
through to Meiko.   Meiko, as much as she was trying not to, was
starting to believe this person who looked so much like an angel.

"Please, trust me.  The best way for you to save Jay, and your sisters,
is to
be calm.  You cannot defeat this force by yourself.  No one can."

Meiko looked at Nana.  "You mean....  him???"

Nana nodded, a shadow of worry on her face.

Meiko collasped in fear.  The legend of the "dark guy" was known to all
Straussians.  It was horrible- she knew she had to save Jay, and if this
her only chance, then it has to be this way.  She had no idea why she
this Nana, except for the fact that it felt right.

Nana then disappeared, leaving a fresh trace of flowers in the air.

Meiko smiled a little.  This was the first time anyone had seen Meiko
"You're nicer than anyone has ever been to me except Jay. Tell Emiko I'm
as well."  She turned around, noticed that Nana was gone.  She wondered
if she
heard those words...

Meiko wondered if she was ever going to let out of
this cell.  She thought about Nana's words again.  Her mind was telling
that is was just another lie, but her heat, even is cynical as her cold
had become, warmed to her presence.  Only Jay could have done that
before she
came.  She knew what she had to do.  She had to get into the good side
of the
people here- that wouldn't be easy.  Then she had to convince them to
help her
stop the dark guy, if that was possible...

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