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Imperials Wars: Part 16

Threat! The Coming of the Imperial Guard!

written by Jeff Jarlett

Jerry, Plum, Chris, and Dachend were in the war room planning how to
Blucher with the new numerical superiority they had gained.  Plum had
a few more ships from her father, and the Headhunter fleet, especially
Abaddon, gave Jerry a 3:2 edge in ships.  Then a message came in from

"Your excellency, I have some very grave news.  First, the Imperial
forces have
brought a planetbuster cruiser into the system."  Jerry gasped in
horror.  The
Planetbusters were the most feared weapon the Imperials had.  One shot
them could reduce a planet into the Stone Age.  The four of them agreed
they had to strike now or risk losing Blucher forever.  Jerry was
that Jay would use the planetbuster in thier own people, but ever since
dream he wasn't sure who or what to believe.

"I have some more bad news.  The Imperial Guard is coming.  Apparently
advisors now see the Strauss-Oni alliance is the primary threat, so they
sending the Guard, including the Imperator."  

"Oh shit."  Of the four leaders, only Chris had ever faced the Imperial
in combat before.  Chris described them, "They are the crack forces of
Empire.  In over 600 years, they have only been defeated once, and that
was a
long time ago.  These guys do not retreat, they don't surrender.  Their
are plated gold.  The men of the Imperial guard are all veterans of 10
and 5 campaigns, and are selected for their bravery and ability."

"Their tactics in combat are usually to wait for a mistake, then
counter.  They
always find a mistake, and then they are ferocious."

Plum then added her comments.  "This is bad.  Considering that the fleet
only have 3 days to train, mistakes will be made, especially considering
diverse our forces are.  I can see one possible way to avoid defeat."

Dachend then said,  "Right, storm the Guard by sheer force of numbers,
then try
to deal with Jay later."

Jerry exclaimed,  "Wait!  If we do that, Blucher will be destroyed!  We
have to
go after Jay's forces first!  This may not be the wisest decision in the
but it's the only way we can save Blucher."

Plum and Dachend nodded.  It was true.  Even if they managed to defeat
Guard, Blucher would be turned into a pile of rubble and molten lava. 
Jay had
to be dealt with first,even if that wasn't the best choice.

Jerry prepared the orders.  He then sent out a communication to Sparrow.

"Sparrow, made any progess yet?  I have a feeling the war is going to be
soon- we're putting it all on the line.  Any races that have pledged
tell them to send all they can spare to Blucher.  We'll need all the
help we
can get."

"Sparrow, I also have one last order.  If the Empire wins, run.  I have
sure that no one knows you are working for me except myself and one
other, but
it would be wise if you weren't around just in case.  Kircheis out."

Jerry sighed.  Now that the planning was done, he could see how Anne was
Jerry looked upon Anne as his daughter, even if Anne didn't reciprocate
feeling.  Marie was usy trying to teach Anne how to cook, not with much

Jerry and Marie hugged each other, then Jerry hugged Anne.  Marie had
spaghetti ready.  She had made extra tonight for Anne.  The three of
them sat
down and ate.  Marie then told Jerry,  "I have good news.  I'm going to
have a

Jerry and Anne dropped their forks to the ground in shock.  Jerry

After waking up, largely due to Shotoro's drooling, Jerry then smiled in
usual goofy manner.  Anne looked sad and vacant, more so than was usual
for her
lately.  Jerry felt a pang of guilt.

"I'm responsible for all this sadness.  The reason Anne is not living a
lif of
happiness is due to my cowardice, my stupidity.  This whole war is my

Anne then smiled.  Jerry waved a sigh of relief.  There was a happy girl
in there.

"Jerry-sensei, teach me a new spell."

Jerry smiled.  "Hai Hai."  He said this in a happy voice.  Teaching
happy magic, to people was one of the few rays of happiness in Jerry's
War gave him no happiness.  The others, Plum, Dachend, Chris- they might
a good battle, but all Jay wanted was a wife and kids and happiness.  He
Anne to have the same.  Marie then entered the room.

"Darling, do you still want me to go?  I'll miss you."

Jerry sighed.  He would miss Marie and her cooking but the baby came
first. He

Marie then picked up her luggage, until Jerry picked it up for her and
it to the shuttle.  Before leaving, Marie told Anne, "Take good care of
He needs it."  Anne nodded.

Jerry then went on to teach Anne how to create water.  He then tried to
her how to boil water, but when Anne tried the spell, she somehow got a
chicken, which was quickly wolfed down by her shikigamis.  Jerry laughed
being punched in the arm by Anne.


[The Lohengramm]

Jay was watching Jinx train from above.  Her training was going well. 
She was
demonstrating some of her senshi techniques, destroying the various
fighters sent against her.  Jay was admiring the grace, the beauty. 
Only Meiko
had such grace and beauty.  

Jay then noticed Jinx was getting sloppy and starting to showboat a
little.  He
had to fix that quickly.  He rushed down to the floor and immediately
challenged Jinx.  Jinx flicked her hair back and rushed at him, trying
everything in her power to take him down.  Strikes, kicks, lightning-
blocked it all.  Jay then calmly took Jinx down with a force wave.

Jay then told Jinx.  "Never get sloppy.  Never underestimate your
Always finish your opponent as quickly as possible.  I made this mistake
and I almost died because of it.  I don't want that to happen again to
You can lose a lot from one mistake.  Do oyu understand?"

Jinx nodded.

Jay leapt back up.  "Try again."  Jinx finished the training session a
lot more
efficiently.  Jay nodded, then headed back to his quarters.

As Jay headed back, Dr.Gargoyle approached him, frantic as usual.

"Jay-sama! Jay-sama!  I've found a new way for you to approach Genesis."

Jay was interested.  "What is it?"

Gargoyle calmed down slightly.  "Well, if you can find someone who has
been in
Genesis and combined their power with the sneshi, you could reach
Genesis more
efficiently then just using the senshi."

Jay then asked Gargoyle if he knew anyone who fit the description.

Gargoyle nodded.  "Two people actually.  Remember that other little girl
was with?"  Jay nodded.  "Her superior as well."

Jay nodded.  He then ordered Huck and his assistant to get them, and
gave them
an Imperial Star Cruiser.  He then told Huck,  "Be sure to capture them-
cruiser is modified for speed, so it's firepower is weak.  It has
though, so it isn't useless.  Use the fighters to attack the engines.  I
have included a prototype of Gargoyle's for ship to ship combat."  He
Huck something that looked like a big wad of gum.  "Stick this on the
older one,
it will control her brain stem if you plant it on her neck"  Huck
saluted and
prepare do leave towards the next supposed position of the Detrimental,
Desert Planet where Meiko was being held.

Jay also gave Huck two more orders.  "Be sure to return with Meiko as
With those three I won't even need Anne's power.  She's also as annoying
as my
brother- I'll deal with them after taking over Genesis.  Also kill Jiro,
don't think he's on our side anymore."

Hulk saluted and left.


Jerry was thinking about happiness.  His happiness, Anne's happiness,
happiness.  He thought about how the war would be over soon, how there
would be, how he could have a family, how Anne could live a normal life.

Anne then entered, followed by her shikigamis.  "Jerry-sensei?"

Jerry looked at her, her sad face.  "Yes?"

Anne then said, in a voice that would inspire depression.  "What are my

Jerry stared at Anne, he could tell that being a senshi was not Anne's
Nothing in her life seemed to be her choice.  He said, "I wish I could
tell you
nothing.  I wish you could live a normal life.  However, this is not
The powers that we have mean that we must serve."

"and serve you shall..."  the voice seemed to come out of nowhere.  The
shikigamis barked and howled and made loud noises.  Anne remained
Jerry was mad.  The room instantly turned to pitch darkness.

"Go ahead, ignore me.  Right now I am going after a couple of people you
well.  Try and stop me...  Ha ha ha ha..."  The voice left and room
just as quickly as the light had left.

Anne looked at Jerry with a face that was half determination and half
Jerry nodded.  He called Dachend in.

"Dachend, we have received a distress signal from this planet.  Take a
ship and
go there and rescue whoever is there."

Dachend looked curious.  "Aren't these orders a little vague?"

Anne then tugged at Dachend,  "Please go."

Dachend nodded.  "Yes sir, but why me?"

Jerry explained.  "Several reasons.  One, this involves evil and could
be very dangerous.  I need a good fighter who will come back alive. 
you aren't as gifted at space battles as Chris and Plum.  I need them
here, and
I can't go for obvious reasons.  You are the best person avaliable."

Dachend nodded and took off.

[Desert Planet]
Jiro was the first to land.  He received the distress signal.  He
searched for
the senshi- wanted her blood.  He would take her, body and soul.  Master
be pleased.

Jiro unsheathed his sword.  Jiro was a man who lived on service.  His
life was
Master's.  He sensed the senshi- sensed her concern.  He entered the
cave where
an unconscious Nana and Eva were lying down next to a concerned Meiko...

"Kenshin, I have come to kill you."  Meiko looked up and saw the samurai

Meiko stood up and got into a fighting stance.  Jiro reached inside his
and handed her a katana.  "Take this- it's as good as mine."

Meiko looked at the Katana.  It was gorgeous.  She could fall in love
with a
weapon of this magnificence.  The handle with ornate gold and the blade
made with several layers of metal.  She nodded at the samurai and got
ready to

As the two were about to clash, another face enters the room.  Jiro
sneers at
the intruder.

"I'm sorry, but I already gave my spare katana to the young lady I am
about to
kill.  If you want I can kill you second."

Dachend and Dracho stared at this guy.  Dracho asks Dachend if this guy
sane.  Dachend shrugs.  Dachend then walks up.  "I will not let you harm
woman.  You can fight me first if you wish.  I have my own sword."

Dracho cut in,  "Cutting the chivalry a little thick there, aren't we." 
Dachend chided Dracho for is comment.

Meiko then told the two of them  "The two of you can just keep you
symbols- I've got more important things to do like take care of those
She pointed at Nana and Eva.  "When you're done playing, I can teach you

Jiro bowed at Meiko and said, "Agreed.  I shall kill you later."

Dracho said, "Some gratitude- it's not like you're going to make her
and pregnant!"

Dachend yelled "Dracho!" and faced Jiro.  The two clashed swords...

[Desert Planet Space]
Huck's cruiser and the Detrimental met each other in space.  Eric hailed
"Imperial cruiser, we are on a rescue mission...  Please let us go down
to the
planet and reach our crew."

Huck fired a shot at the engine of the Detrimental.  Fukamori asked for
status report.

"Captain, engines down 17%."  Shields raised.  A second shot was fired
at the

"Shields down to 94%.  Enemy is engaging fighters."

Fukamori bellowed his orders.  "Evasive manuevers!  Mages- use

The ship disappeared.  Huck switched to magic sensors.  "Ship
detected."  Huck
sent the information out to the fighters, who immediately locke don the

Fujamori had seen enough,  he knew that if he stayed he would be
destroyed, and
there was no way of escape this fast cruiser that was keeping up with
easily, especially with the damaged engines.  "Activate jumpdrive- we're
getting out of here."

The computer beedahed at him.  "Yeah, right stinky!"  Fujamori gaped.

"hfil?"  Eric then saw a giant smiley on all the computers.

"Sir, someone has sabotaged the computers!"  An explosion racked the

Mika reported in from the comm system.  "Hull breach, hull breach!  Mika

Huck mused.  Jay's plan had worked to perfection.  Huck never thought a
could be this effective.  Oh well, time to get the job done.  The veiled
associate cast a spell and transported Huck over to the Detrimental.

Huck quickly fought off the guards with his beam rifle.    Emiko and Mai
quickly headed towards the invader.  Huck took some quick shots at the
two of
them, which were easily dodged.  Emiko and Mai put their space helmets
on to go
with their spacesuits and get out thier weapons, sword and pencil

Eric is busy trying to regain access to the computers without much

Huck then gets out his other gun, the stickygun.  This stubby gun shoots
of web out which entangle people.  He shoots it at Mai, who tries to
dodge but
fails and is caught in the webbing.  Emiko charges at Huck andmanages to
his arm, sending the tangle gun loose.  Huck then charges at Emiko and

"Teleport on!"

[Huck's Ship]

Huck keeps his hold on Emiko, until three guards come, strip her down to
bikini so she wouldnt' have any of those gadgets to get her out of
then they shackle her to the wall.

Emiko then told Huck,  "This is kinky, but you're really not my sort of
Now someone like Ryo..."

Huck slapped Emiko.  "You're insurance.   Insurance keeps quiet.  We
mistreat you any more than necessary.  I'm not a barbarian."

Huck slammed the door shut and told the guards.

"Be sure to not abuse her unless necessary, but if she gets out of those
shackles- hit her with this."  He handed each of the guards a tangle
"Remember, this is a gun, not a clb.  Jay does not like bruised

Huck then sent the course to the planet to pick up Meiko.

{Kircheis, near Blucher]

Jerry, with Plum's approval, split his avaliable forces into two
groups.  HE
sent the majority of his attrition forces under the command of the
Abaddon to
delat the Imperial Guard.  His orders to Chirs were to fight a fighting
retreat, to avoid losses, and to slow them down and take as many of them
out as
possible before they come here.

Jerry then commanded the rest of  the fleet to smash  the forces
Blucher.  He saw Jay's fleet.  The fighters had done their job,
softening up
the Imperial forces to about 75% capacity.  Jerry and Plum knew that
this was
necessary for their plan to work.  It was a big risk, but it was worth

Jerry called Anne to the bridge.  Anne was wearing her senshi plugsuit.

He whispered to Anne, "Sure you want to do this?  I can handle the
engine myself."

Anne nodded.  Jerry and Anne had always tried to protect each other
since she
had fled the Empire.  They looked at each other like father and
daughter, and
Jerry hoped that Anne would one day be able to live the life of a normal

Anne then whispered back, "Sensei, I'll do it."

Jerry nodded.  He then gave the command to the manatic engineer to set
engine to Anne's preference.

The engineer pressed a few buttons and then shouted out, "set to

Plum turned to Jerry, "What's that going to do!"

Jerry turned to Plum, "Make shikigamis real big and project them into
space!  I
guess they like to eat spaceships as well!"

Plum nodded.  "Ah.  I hope she can control them."

Jerry then went to the second and third manatic engines.

"Set Engine #2 to Astra Fatigua for myself, and set Engine #3 to Ramming
Shield for our other mages..."

The engineer nodded and said, "All set."

Jerry then barked out his orders to the other ships to set their primary
maantic engine to shield and their secondary engine to their most
attacking spell.

Jerry and Anne donned their neural interfaces for spell amplification,
Plum sen the order to attack.

[Straussian Space, Abaddon]

The Abaddon was carrying a larger than normal supply of fighters.  Many
of the
fighters from the Straussian fleet were added to the Abaddon for the
mission.  Ryan and Miko were among them.

Many of the pilots were mot their usual cocky selves.  This was a very
dangerous and risky mission that Jerry had sent them on, and one that
destroy a lot of fighters.  Their mission was not to win, it was to not
This also angered the pilots,  they didn't like running.  Moreover, they
had to
face the most professional fleet in the galaxy- they knew how to handle

Ryan and Miko were talking about strategy.  Miko was inexperienced in
the art
of retreat, while Ryan from his EDF days knew how to fight that sort of
battle.He also was familiar with Imperial tactics, so he told Miko to be
careful, to hit and run.  "If they get a shot on you, they won't miss. 
So if
in doubt, move."

Miko nodded and got into her craft.  The first sortie was about to

[Detrimental, Genesis Dimension]

The Detrimental limped into Genesis dimension for repairs.  Eric than
into Fujimori's room, full of rage.

"I want to go after Emiko."

Fujimori nodded, "We will, as soon as we get a ship good enough to

"I want to get her now.  Jay can be a bastard."

[Desert Planet]

Dachend and Jiro were circling each other, looking for the perfect kill.
"Shi-ne!"  "Yah!" "Yah!"  "Wah!"  Jiro fought like a madman.  Constantly
looking for the sudden, instant, beautiful kill.  Dachend tried to parry
everything, but there were many nicks on his arms and legs.  Dachend
then got
out his wards, and used them. Jiro fell to the ground from the force of
explosions.  A sadistic smile went across his face as he got up and
to attack.  "Ya, Ya!  Shine!  Rachou!"

Meiko was still busy trying to take care of Eva, and watching the other
two in
case she had to defend herself.  She prayed that Jay's men would come
soon and
take her home.

Above the planet, the communication officer on Huck's ship saw four
blips on
the planet surface.  Huck grinned.

"It's them, I'll go down with four guards.  But four blips?  Only two
were reported in the distress call."

The comm officer confirmed that there were four blips, though one was

Huck growled his teeth.  That could be Meiko, he wasn't sure.  He had to
down in person.  Jay would be furious if Meiko died, even if he did give
to him as a playmate.  Huck mused as to what Jay would do with Emiko-
turn her into a guinea pig.  huck went down to the planet surface, guns
in tow
in case of trouble.

The two guards sent to guard Emiko were paying attention, though mostly
Emiko was in a bikini.  One of the guards was busy trying to write a
letter to her.  Emiko despaired in her shackles, hoping that someone
would save
her.  Without any of her gadgets she was helpless.

Huck landed at the cave where Meiko,Eva, Dachend, and Jiro were and
heard the
clash of steel.  He charged in followed by his security forces, guns in

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