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Imperials Wars: Part 17

Rescue! Feelgood saves Emiko!

written by William Geiger

Huck quickly fought off the guards with his beam rifle.    Emiko and 
quickly headed towards the invader.  Huck took some quick shots at 
the two of
them, which were easily dodged.  Emiko and Mai put their space 
helmets on to go
with their spacesuits and get out thier weapons, sword and pencil 

Eric is busy trying to regain access to the computers without much 

Huck then gets out his other gun, the stickygun.  This stubby gun 
shoots wads
of web out which entangle people.  He shoots it at Mai, who tries to 
dodge but
fails and is caught in the webbing.  Emiko charges at Huck andmanages 
to cut
his arm, sending the tangle gun loose.  Huck then charges at Emiko 
and grabs

"Teleport on!"

Huck slammed the door shut and told the guards.

"Be sure to not abuse her unless necessary, but if she gets out of 
shackles- hit her with this."  He handed each of the guards a tangle 
"Remember, this is a gun, not a clb.  Jay does not like bruised 

Huck then sent the course to the planet to pick up Meiko.

 The guards are so busy watching Emiko that they fail to notice the 
shimmering of the air behind them.

*ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP!!* The guards collapse in a heap as the figure 
behind them lowers a very large
stun rod.
 Emiko gazes warily at the figure who is garbed in a bulky suit. The 
figure takes off the helmet and..

"Vell, did ist anotherr vine mezz you've gotten into!"
"Dr.Feelgood!" Emiko says. "Where were you?"
"vell, I vas takink a nap in da storrerroom vhen all dis noize 
starrted. I zaw vhat happent and thought
it vould be bezt to hangk bach and vait for a goot time to help you. 
Zo I teleported in vith dis
hastily made teleporrt zuit." Feelgood set Emiko free and handed her 
back her clothes.
 "Und now I think it vould be bezt forr uz to leave pozt-hazte!" 
Feelgood fiddles with his suit to
accomidate Emiko. "Now, vhere do you vant to go?"

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