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Imperials Wars: Part 23

Yes! Miko wins a bet!

written by Miko Gibuson

Starship Abaddon
Deep Space

 It was a victory, but who had won the victory would be debated
for a millennium.  As far as the crew of the Abaddon was concerned, they
had delayed the Imperial Guard long enough to maybe save the Straussian
fleet. Ryan trudged down the hall, thinking only of the lives lost,
wasted, in what amounted to mostly a delaying action.  "Ryan!  Ryan! 
Wait for me!" 
 He sighed and rolled eyes, now is not the time, he thought.  Miko
bounced up from behind and latched onto his arm, practically begging for
attention.  Ryan turned his head to look at his new accessory.  She came
out of the battle just as bad as everyone else, her hair was in
there were a couple of small cuts on her face, and her flightsuit was
torn in convenient places.  Then he noticed something that cheered him
up slightly, her usual smile still graced her face, even after what they
had been through.  Upon closer inspection, he noted that the lips where
moving, probably meaning she was saying something.
 ", how about you?"
 Ryan stared blankly, "What?"
 "Did you get more than that?"
 That silly bet, Ryan mentally berated himself, I can't believe I
ever accepted it.  Looking into her eyes, he saw no malice, no
competition, but something different, adoration maybe...  "No, you
 Miko's eyes seemed to flash brightly and her smile widened,
"Really?  I win?"  She blushed slightly, "Well then, how about that 

Chika's notes: This was as much as the original compilation had. What follows was taken directly from a new post that I found in my archives...

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