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Imperials Wars: Final chapter

Peace! And all's right with the worlds...

written by Jeff and Keon

Recap: The Kircheis, Lohengramm, and White Shadow are all fused together in a

giant portal created by the Dark Guy.  All the crew members passed out through

the passage, except for the following on each ship:

White Shadow- Yumi, Eric, Emiko

Kircheis- Anne, Jerry

Lohengramm- Jay, Meiko, Jinx, Dachend, Jiro, Nana, Eva and Dracho'xian

The Dark guy is there in spirit.

Now the fun starts ^_^

[written by jeff, minor corrections by Keon]

[White Shadow]

Eric, Yumi, and Emiko were confused by the mayhem that ensued after entering

portal.  Emiko immediately went to check on Mai and Mika, who were both knocked

out by the entry into the portal.  They seemed fine, just unconscious.  Emiko

turned to Eric.  "Um, what do we do now?  We can't just sit here."

Eric thought for a second.  "Let's see, we could either sit here, or we could

charge in to a situation we know nothing about and probably get our butts


Yumi chimed in,  "Little brother- with me around, nothing will go wrong!  OH HO

HO HO!!!"

Eric sweatdropped.  "OK.  Then let's go searching, but cautiously.  What or who ever did 

this, is probably much more powerful than the three of us combined, so be careful."  

The three of them headed towards the Lohengramm.


Jerry and Anne looked at each other.  A small hint of fear crossed both their

eyes, they both recognized it.

Anne spoke first,  "Sensei, what do we do?"

Jerry thought for a second, then a minute.  He looked around.  All his crew,

including Plum were out cold.  For the first time, Jerry had to make his own

decisions by himself, no help.  He sensed something happening over where the

Lohengramm was fused to the Kircheis.  He checked life support, shields, just

in case something happened.  Seemed fine.  He looked outside.  The entire area

was covered in a black dome, and the sensors couldn't see outward.  He was

really curious about the battle that was going on outside, but he had faith in

Chris and the Abaddon to continue the fight.  Jerry then asked Anne,

"We have two options here.  We can either wait it out and see what happens, or

we can go snooping around."

Anne then turned to Jerry, "Beats me.  You're the leader, sensei."

Jerry thought over those words.  He was the leader.  He had to make the

decision.  He knew in his heart that is was the dark guy who was tormenting his

dreams, but he wondered whether he should go it alone or have Anne to back him

up.  He knew he was not really a match for Jay, while he often dreamt of

defeating him, he knew it was unlikely at best, and that the last time was a

fluke.  He could barely beat Anne's sister!

Jerry therefore decided to take Anne along.  While part of him was concerned,

the mission was more important.  He thought to himself, "if this is what being

a leader is, it damn well sucks!"

He held Anne before she walked in.  "BE careful,  I don't want to lose you


Anne then turned to Jerry, "Be careful yourself as well, I want you to come

back with both your arms this time!  Washu will be mad if she has to make

another spare!"

They both headed towards the Lohengramm, with a healthy mix of fear and






The sounds of swordplay and chi-blasts rang throughout the ship.    Meiko then

noticed Nana tending to the rising Dachend.

"How did you get here?  You know if someone finds you here you'll be captured,

and possibly killed."

Nana then looked around,  "Everyone is sleeping."

Meiko and Jinx then turned around and noticed all of the guards were out.  Jinx

was scared- this was no longer a fantasy- this was serious.  It was time for

her training to either help her or die trying.

Meiko then asked Nana, "How did this happen?"

Nana and Dachend looked at Meiko and said simultaneously, "The Dark Guy." as

Dachend struggles to his knees.  His body was aching and sore, still several wounds 
unclosed, but that was only a minor inconvenience compared to what he was used to.  
He saw Jiro and Jay working it out.

"Hmph, let those two sort it out.  I'll take on what ever's left."

Nana cast a concerned look at the two of them.  "They are both possessed, as is


Meiko had a glint in her eyes at the name of Jay's brother.  "I don't care

about that bastard brother of Jay's right now.  All I want to know is why are

they both possessed- dark guy?"

Nana nodded.  Meiko then said  "They're here- Anne is, and I'm sure Jerry is

forcing her to come along as well."

Nana then said,  "That is the key to healing those three, the three of you must

link and contain the darkness. When the dark has been sealed away their souls will

be freed"

Jinx then asked, "What?  How do I do that?"

Meiko then confidently turned to Jinx, "You're a senshi, you will know when the

time comes."  Jinx was puzzled by that remark. 

[Near the fused craft]

The battle outside was going at a snails pace.  All of the crafts on both sides

disengaged at a safe distance from the sphere, and were taking pot shots

whenever possible.  This strategy favored the Straussians, who were able to

deliver damaging blows whenever an  Imperial ship got close.  Soon only the

remaining Straussian fleet under the Abaddon and the Imperial Guard, who

retreated in good order, remained.  The Guard hailed the Abaddon.

"Abaddon, you have fought well, we salute you, but we fight on to the end. 

However, if you wish to fight another day, we won't pursue- this is just too

damn weird."

The Abaddon hailed back.  "Captain of the guard, you have truly lived up to

your reputation.  However, we are not backing off.  We don't care to pursue


Neither side wanted to retreat, but nether side wanted to fight.  Therefore a

lot of tentativeness followed on both sides, which both slowly disengaged form

each other simultaneously.  

[inside the fused craft, in the Lohengramm portion]

Eric's group ran into Jerry and Anne.  Literally.  Jerry bumped right into Yumi.

A cry of "Watch it!" came from both of them.  

Anne then saw Emiko and asked "Hi Emiko how did you get here" Emiko walked up 

the girl, looking shortly at Jerry and Yumi who were eyeing each other on the floor. 

Emiko quickly laid out the story and Anne nodded "So you decided to search the ship 
as well?"

Emiko nodded.  

Jerry then tried to help Yumi up, who refused the offer and got up herself.

Jerry turned to Eric and asked who he had bumped into.  Eric was about to say it when Yumi


"Yumi Gen, the greatest mage on Genesis, and many other places.  Who are you?"

Jerry just had to say it.  "Jerry, Archduke of Strauss and the best mage around

here as well."

Yumi snickered at the perceived slight.  Eric then asked Jerry if teaming up would

not be that bad an idea.

Anne nodded, and Jerry nodded as well.  Eric by default became the reluctant

leader of this group as they headed into the Lohengramm.

[Lohengramm, near Lab room]

Eva and Dracho-xian, after seeing all the people on the ship pass out, searched

around to try and revive people up.  Eva tried everything her mind was capable

of, nustling, electroshock, yelling, nothing worked.  After the yelling, she

apologized to everyone.

"You know, you apologize a lot."  Dracho chimed in.

Eva bowed,  "Gomen nasai.  It's my programmed.  If Dracho could sweatdrop, he

would have done so at that moment.  Still, to Dracho, it sounded cute

regardless, and it was the most pleasant sound in the world. but Eva burping would

probably also have a cute tone to Dracho'xian at the moment.  

Eva then asked Dracho, 

"What do we do now?" Dracho sensing that Dachend was nearby.  No matter his personal 
feelings, there was a job to do.  "Eva, head towards where Dachend is, I'll tell you the

directions.... if you don't mind" Eva shook her head slightly at the sword in her 

slender hands "no, it's okay. Which way?" 

Eva ran through the long halls, jumping over the uncontious that lay on the floor. After a 

couple of minutes, she reached the area where Dachend was watching

Jiro and Jay fight, wanting to fight, but knowing that he wouldn't last long against neither 

of the two, without his ancient partner .  Dracho left Eva's body, making sure for the 117 time 

that she was fine. Giving a final apology about, having used her body to hide in. he headed back

towards Dachend.  Dachend felt the cool sword fit into his hand.  Dracho'xian was

upset about leaving Eva, through he knew she was many times stronger than a normal human, 

he couldn't help look at her and sigh at how delicate, fragile and defenseless she looked. 

but work must be done, both Dracho'xian and Dachend had their calls. Dracho'xian wanting to fight

the powers of evil, Dachend wanting to kill, who ever he meant had to die.


[written by Keon]

Suddenly there was high boom and a groan of pain. Jay rolled over the floor. 
Meiko and Jinx rushing forward to his side. 

Jiro stood, before them. His sword held over his head in triumph "haha, I 
enjoyed our little battle Jay. 

But now I will bath in the blood of the senshis" his voice carrying his madness down the
hall. Dachend lifted Dracho'xian up before him, the sword forming into a grip with a 
katana blade in each end, creating a blade arch.

"Okay, time to break the painlimit" the wu hissed, beginning to push himself to his feet,
the last of injuries healing. 

Jiro smiled, his frame glittering with dark fire. Nana stood forward "no!! stoop Jiro"
the madman haltet for a second

"what!!" Nana looked at the man with no anger or hate, just concern "stop this, you really 
don't want too do it" 

"you! you dare to pester me again" Jiro hissed, Nana nodded "I must try to save you" Jiro
laughed "you will fail and die!" he pointed his sword at her. Nana lowered her eyes 
"please try to fight the darkness that have poisoned your soul" Jiro

flinched, felling how Nana's aura of good was beginning to cast light in the shadow land 
that was his soul. He pressed his teeth together "arrrghh get out of my head!!!!" a black 
blast lashed from the blade. Nana instinctively tried to protect herself with her arms, 
shielding the blast. Nana heard a cry of pain, felling pain burn in her shoulder. But the 
cry had not been her own. She opened her eyes and looked at her lightly burned shoulder 
and then at Eva who lay sprawled before her, clutching her own shoulder, gasping and 
moaning as the dark energy rippled over her sensors.

"EVA!!!" called both Nana, Meiko and Dracho'xian

"okay you sorry piece of crap, you history" growled Dachend "I'LL TEAR YOU APART YOU 
BRUTAL BASTARD!!!!" roared the sword in his hand, desperately trying to see if Eva was 
badly injured.   

Jiro, looked stunned "how can this be, you should have died more than ten times from your 
injuries" he stared at Dachend. The Wu smiled "I'm like the energizer bunny, I just keep 
going and going. Now I've gotten my second wind, it time to bleed you bastard"  the arch 
blade in his hand, began to glow brighter and brighter. Jiro growled and prepared himself. 

The two clashed, Dachend's ferocious charge and Dracho'xian's empowered blow, caught Jiro 
of guard, throwing him back several feet. The dark samurai lashed out with his blade, a 
dusin small synchs flying out at Dachend. Dachend evading the best he could and only got a 
deep cut in his leg. He grinned "okay you want to play tough" his frame began to glow and 
he jumped of the floor, hanging over Jiro, who lifted his head. 

Meiko stared in awe as electisty began to dance around Dachend's hands that he held high 
over his head. A red sphere beginning to form, bellowing at the top of his lungs, Dachend 
bend his fingers like holding something "IN THE NAME OF DACHEND YAYIN....." Meiko, felling 
the power that was building up, threw up a her hands creating a energy field around herself
and the others  (I am just assuming that she can do that as a senshi) a night black spider
appeared in the sphere in Dachend's hand, the light now very intense "COME FORTH HUU-YAO-
CHICHIU!!!!!" with all his might Dachend threw the spider down at Jiro, who roared in rage.

Everything exploded in a bright white light, Meiko felling the shockwave washing over her 
shield. After a few minutes of their ears booming from the thundering explosion. They began
to regain their vision seeing other than spots.

Meiko looked at Eva who was laying cradled in Nana's arms "is she going to be all right??"
she asked, looking at the black, burned area on the androids shoulder. Nana looked back 
"I don't think it's too serious, the blast was meant to kill me, not Eva. It's effect was 
not nearly as strong on her" 

Meiko then looked at the place where Dachend and Jiro had been. Now there was a hole in 
the hall way more than five meters in diameter. The Wu standing at the edge. His cloth 
hanging in shreds on his body. The sword called " she hurt bad??" Meiko thinking 
a moment over the weight of concern that was in the swords voice. Nana called back "it's 
not bad, but she is in pain" Dracho'xian growled a very mean curse.

Dachend waved to them "get out of here, the creep is still moving" Meiko stood up "why" 
the Wu looked over the edge of the hole "because, you three senshi's need to be together 
to beat this dark piece of shit, that's puppetmastering Jiro here and playing Ping-Pong 
with you boyfriends soul. So go find Anne and do your senshi stuff, I'll keep the dickhead
here occupied" Meiko nodded seeing the idea. Together with Jinx they got the groggy Jay to 
his feet and began to head down the hall, Nana took a moment to look at the wu, before she 
followed the others with Eva in her arms "be careful Dachend!!" the wu waved a response.

He then turned to the hole, tightening his grip around the dark arch blade. That began to 
crackle with energy. Then he jumped out into the empty space, falling the five levels 
that he had blasted Jiro down through.

A human roar and a very inhuman roar echoed down through the hallways. Then a geyser of 
smoke and darkgreen fire flushed up from the hole and the clatter of steel on steel rang 
through the ship. 

[inside the fused craft, in the Lohengramm portion]

An inhuman roar, echoed past Jerry and the others "what was that?" whispered Emiko, Eric 
had a grim expression "I have a bad felling we're going to find out the hard way" Yumi 
laughed "oh hoho you are forgetting little brother that your sister is here" Eric sweatdropped. 
Jerry rolling his eyes, looked around the room they had entered. It was quit big. 
He guessed that it had been a flight deck on the Lohengramm and probably a storage room 
on the Kircheis. Now the two huge rooms had grow together when the three ships fused. The 
places the walls overlapped, it looked like the metal not had been vealted together, but 
more like it had grown together. Like a wound not healing probably. Creating a surrealistic
boarder. Jerry had noticed, this other places where the ships had been fused together. It 
was like the ships them self had grown together in a horrifying manner like a gigantic 
grotesque Siamese twin. Bound to eachother in a disfiguring manners. 

Even with his training as a necromancer, the sinister and cruel appearance of the boarders
of the overlapping ship part gave him the chills. He looked a Anne, he could she that she 
liked the place even less. The darkmage walked over and placed a hand on his pupils 
shoulder. "Don't be afraid" Anne gave a weak smile "I'm not afraid" she lied. This 
surrealistic almost organic looking, places reminded her of the less successful beings 
that she had seen, while she was a labspeciment at her family. She shuddered, Eric 
noticing this. Looked around a corner and gave a sign "hey let's get on, the more we move 
the lesser possibility there is for who ever is out there to find us" Jerry nodded and 
followed, Yumi going as the last, acting a rearguard.


Meiko stopped at a cross of four big corridors, Jay was still at the edge of being out 
cold, his eyes bopping around in their sockets. Jinx took a moment to get a better grip 
as the proud warrior was beginning to slip from her grip. Meiko shifted her gaze from her 
love to Nana who was standing with Eva in her arms, cradling her gently. Meiko was 
slightly startled to see the worried look on the angels face. "What's wrong?" Nana looked 
at her, her face deriontatet by sadness "I don't know, she's getting weaker, but the wound 
is not that serious" Meiko looked at Eva who looked like she was asleep, but she was having
nightmares, her face drawn back in fear and pain. She moaned slightly as Meiko touched her 
burned shoulder. She studied the wound, felling it with her mind. "I guess that the spell 
was meant to kill you, Eva being artificial, it must have had some other effect on her, but
I have no idea of what" Nana nodded and said with newfound optimism "it's black magic, then
we'll just have to find Jerry he'll know what to do" Meiko slightly repulsed by being in 
need of the lowlife spellcaster, nodded. Eva and Jay had first priority, when they were 
safe, she could worry about the traitor.

Dachend screamed in pain as he felt the last of his ribs in the left side snap at the kick.
He bend over as the white hot agony washed over him. Jiro taking full advantage of the 
unprotected pose, backhanded the Wu, knocking him off his feet and successfully dislocating
his jaw. 

Dachend pushed himself to his feet, forcing his jaw back in place with a hard yank and a 
high crack. Jiro was beginning to look very annoyed "why can't you just die, I don't have 
time for this, I must kill the senshis" Dachend held up the blade arch in front of him, 
spinning it slowly. As the two supernatural warriors circled each other. "We can fight 
until this ship falls apart, it won't make fuck all difference to me, I'm immortal" the 
two clashed and exchanged blows. Then drew away circling each other again "is that so" 
hissed Jiro "not much point in trying to kill you is there" Dachend shrugged, they clashed,
exchanged blows and drew away from each other again, Dachend looked down at the superficial
cut in his stomach. 

Jiro smiled "in fact I'm wasting time" the dark samurai lifted his sword as if to salute 
Dachend. Dachend was about say something, but a black suriken made him forget the insult. 
The Wu swirled around, looked and cursed. From the shadows around him. Three dimensional 
shadows or silhouettes of feudal japan ninja's ascended. In a matter of second a dusin 
had surrounded the Wu. 

Jiro smiled "if I can't kill you, there is no point in trying, might as well let these 
shadowninja's occupy you. I bid you farewell, I have senshi's to kill" with that and a 
insane laughter. The samurai turned on his heal and rushed out of the room. Dachend roared
a curse and lashed out at the nearest ninjashadow, that fell to the floor as a two 
dimensional image. The rest of the group jumped the Wu with a array of ninja weapons aimed
at him.

Emiko halted momentarily to look out over the bridge. "What is this?" she asked looking 
down at the blank liquid surface below them. It was covering the intere room below them. 
The surface less than a meter below them, she could see her own image on the mirror smooth
surface. Anne who had stopped by her, look over the railing too. "Yes what is this?" she 
asked looking at Jerry who had stopped a with Yumi and Eric a few meters further down the 

Eric looked at the liquid "I'll guess that it's the lohengramms cooling liquid or water
supply or something like that. It must have leaked out" Yumi looked out over the water 
surface "yes maybe....wait.." Eric looked at his sister, she looked a bit worried, Jerry 
didn't look that thrilled either, Eric saw his eyes and guessed what he was about to say, 
the blue haired elf turned and dashed for Emiko and Anne "Anne, Emiko duck!! Get away from 
the edge!!" but it was to late. The waters surface around them seemed to exploded and as 
the shower stopped and the drenched people looked up. They gasped, finding themselves. 
surrounded by shadowninjas, standing on the railing. Standing on the bridge itself, 
between Emiko, Anne and Eric. Was Jiro, he however only saw Emiko who was the nearest, 
he hissed with the intensity of a reptile "I sense the power in you too, you must die!!" 
he lifted his sword to separate emiko's head from her shoulders. Emiko and Anne both froze 
in awe and fear. Emiko only being able to look at Jiro mad face and the shinning blade. 
Noticing how the drops of water ran down the edge and dripped onto the floor. 

Eric lashed onto Jiro from behind in a neckbreaker grip. Halting his strike "run Emiko!!" 
he bellowed. Jiro roaring in a tone that made Eric think of the T-rex in Jurasic park. As 
a response to the roar, Eric arched his back, lifting Jiro of his feet and his knock the 
samurais head into the floor. Jiro hissed an insane snicker "you think you stand a chance 
don't you" with that he threw Eric of and shot to his feet. His sword diving for the blue 
haired elf's throat. Eric thanking who ever had equipped him with such good reflexes and 
remarkable speed. Rolled to the side and narrowly evaded the blade, as it sliced the bridge

Yumi made the sign of divine light and laughed "finally a worthy opponent!!" her right arm 
extended, palm out wards and her left held beside her head drawing the mark of sacred power
in the air. A white ball of energy lashed for her right hand and slammed smack into the 
back of Jiro. 

Jiro wailed in agony, his body writing with pain, small white lightning washing over his 
body, intense light shooting from his wide open mouth and eyes. After a moment his scream 

Then  slowly, he turned and faced Yumi. Thin white beams of smoke rising from his nostrils
and ears "okay that was quit painful, but I am fare from beat" he lifted his hand, black 
energy circling it, Yumi sank something and took a steep back, that had been the strongest 
spell she could think of. Jiro smiled evil "now you die"  "think again.." "huh" Jiro looked
down as Eric who was laying on his back, spoke. his arms extended, a shinning green ball of
energy around his hand "SOLAR  BURST!!!" the blast caught Jiro, who was standing with his 
legs wide spread at the time, where it really hurt. Then the ninja's attacked and all hell 
broke lose.

Anne and Emiko, stared at the blur of fighting bodies and energy blasts. Eric taking a 
second long break, looked at Emiko, he nodded towards her "hey Emiko dodge and left jab" 
Emiko instinctively dodged and heard the low swoop of a blade over her head, then she 
jabbed to her left, the shadowninja fell over the edge of the railing and disappeared in 
the water with a splash. Emiko looked back at Eric, the elf dodging a synch like weapon 
from one of the ninja's. Then slicing it midrift "Thanks" Emiko called. Eric sending her a 
smile that would given any other girl  than a emiko an orgasm, nodded "your welcome" then 
jumped in a back flip over the last of the ninja, stabbing it in the chest as he hung 
perfectly upside down over it. Then landing perfectly beside Emiko, checking for more 
threats. Then charged the group of ninja's around Yumi and Jerry together with Emiko. 

Anne stood back and looked doubting at the mass. She wanted to help her Sensei, but she had
a felling that there was something she had forgot. Then she saw him.

Jerry create a miniature whirl wind around him with his magic ball and knocked three of 
the ninja to the ground. Then gabbed one that was about to slash at Yumi by the neck with 
his artificial arm that had morphed into a grim locking claw, proceeding to smash the 
shadowninja's head against the railing. Yumi looked over her shoulder shortly "I didn't 
need help, I full well knew it was there" she snorted. Jerry shrugged "your welcome" then 
he saw Anne's horrified look across the fighting.

She was standing staring out over the over the water, Jerry followed her look and saw, 
Jiro coming at her. Jerry launched his ball at the dark samurai, but he just parried it in 
a flash of sparks. Then he was over her, lashing upwards intending to split the young girl 
in two. Anne shrieked and dashed to the side, evading the blow. The bridge on the other 
hand had a big bite taken out of it. Shrapnel flying everywhere. 

Eric having trouble with two ninjas, as the first had his sword arm caught and the second 
was about to disembowel him. Looking left at Anne's scream, grabbed a piece of shrapnel in 
the air, planted it in the shoulder of the first of the ninjas, making him release his 
grip, then pushing it in the way of the seconds blow. Dodging out of the way and then 
cutting them to floor. 

Not even looking at his handy work, the bluehaired ACD officer jumped at the dark samurai. 

Jiro just looked to the side as he sensed the incoming anoyens, lashed out with his blade, 
felling how it was parried.

Eric caught  the blade in a lock against the railing, then lifting his right leg, combo 
kicking Jiro in the face with such precision that Frank Dux would be proud. 

Jiro steadied his head and looked at the impostor, then grabbing him by the hair and 
driving his head in to his knee.

Eric staggered back, his vision dancing. Then just, catching a climbs of Jiro shadowy first.

"Eric!!" called Emiko and jumped to her friends help. Yumi who was the nearest at the time 
fanned her arms wide and pillage of white shot her and traveled over the bridge and into 
Jiro who was about to deal the killing blow to the Eric. He body bursting alight with fire,
that crawled over his body. The samurai staggered to the right roaring as the white magic 
obscured his vision and senses. 


Jiro roared in rage, blinded, his arms thrashing around. His master demanded the Senshi's 
death. The power was making his mind burn, making it capable of only containing one 
thought. Blood, he wanted the senshi's blood.

Then suddenly he felt a wrist in his hand and the dim sound of a girls scream rang through
the sharp rumbling of the holy flames. 

Anne screamed in fear and pain, as the burning demon grasped her wrist and raised his 
sword. Knowing that she should put up some kind of defense or try to get lose, but her 
mind had gone cold with terror. She could sense death lay it's shadow upon her "NOOO!!!" 
*pop* Jerry teleportet up behind Jiro and gabbed his sword arm with his artificial arm. 
Jiro turned and stared at him with his bottomless eyes. "You?!" he uttered, then grinned, 
grasping Jerry by the collar "my master wants to meet you" then he flung Jerry out into 
the water and jumped after himself into the watery dark that swallowed them both. 

There was a long moment, where Anne looked out over the water mirror. Nothing happened 
"sensei..." she called, no answer. She looked at Emiko that was helping Eric to his feet, 
Emiko returned her gaze with a sad look. Anne shook her head lightly, then look out at the 
water again where Jerry and Jiro had disappeared "SENSEI!!!!!"  she lowered her gaze, then 
lifting it again, her eyes shimmering with tears "JERRY NO BAKA!!!!!" 

Dachend grumbled, if it wasn't enough that Jiro had summoned those stinking shadow ninjas, 
he had even sealed the door. The Wu looked down the left way of the T-cross. There wasn't 
much space in these crappy airducts. After couple of minutes of crawling he reached a grid,
that he quickly pushed out and slit to the floor. Now what was this crap "shit the lights 
out" groaned Dachend, Dracho'xian snorted "I don't give a damn about the light, when we 
find Jiro again I will personally dig out his heart" Dachend pulled out a ward "I'll be 
glad to assist you buddy" the ward began to glow shredding a little light in the room. 
Dachend looked around, suddenly catching eye of a handful of small red dots that  was 
glittering in the dark, he moved a little closer. Suddenly a low growl reached his ears. 
"Dach we're not alone in here" mumbled the sword in his hand "gee you think?" spat the Wu 
and threw himself left as four tendrils, lashed out at him.

Nana looked with worry at Eva's soft features, she could sense how the girls mind drifted 
further and further away. Her fysical reactions to the nightmare that was happening in 
her head was getting weaker. The high whimpering and slight thrashing she had started out 
with was now only silent sad moans and slight shudders that went over her body. Nana 
hugged the body harder "hang on Eva we are almost there, please don't leave me, stay with 
me please" whispered the Angel.

Meiko looked over at Nana, pausing to give Jay time to steady himself, he was beginning 
to come around. She wanted to help Eva, but she hadn't the faintest idea of how. Her only 
chance was to find Jerry and count on that he had some way of helping her. 

Meiko extended her mind, She could sense that Anne  was near by and where Anne was Jerry 
would surely be too.

Nana looked at Eva, she saw how the girl for a moment pressed her closed eyelids hard 
together as if trying to force away some terrifying thought "it's okay, I'm here" she 
looked at Meiko "can we continue now" Meiko looked up from Jay "ye*" the words died in 
her throat as she looked past Nana, a familiar voice traveled down the hallway "Jaaaay, 
oh dear brother" Jay lifted his gaze and his eyes went wide. Down the hall way stood Jerry,
looking at him with a mocking stare. "How dare you" he yelled at his brother, Jerry just 
smiled and walked down the hall way "come and get me..." he stopped at a wall and turned 
to face Jay again "..or isn't there enough man left in you to take me on" Jay grasped his 
sword and sprinted down the hallway, completely overhearing the three girls warning cries. 
In second he was over his brother "I'll show you" he roared and jumped through the air and 
right through his brother, that turned and looked after his brother as he hurdled through 
the air and into a wall, that absorbed him, the walls surface bellowing like water when a 
rock breaks the surface.

Meiko, Jinx and Nana stared at Jerry who just looked back with a smile and then dissolved 
like thin mist. 

Meiko sank something "we gotta hurry and find Anne"  

Jerry fell, he remembered hitting the water, but he was falling through space, Jiro had 
disappeared. He looked around him, there was apparently no up or down. he extended his 
magic senses, yes this was the work of dark magic, very powerful magic, HIS magic. Then 
suddenly the darkness around him unfolded and he fell onto a floor. He looked around, he 
was in a huge room of some kind, his intuition said that he was still on the spaceship, 
but he couldn't quit guess what this place was. He stood up and walked towards the rooms 
door. Then backing away as a figure entered. He stepped back felling fear race through his 
mind, it was the dark guy. He was tall, dressed all in black, even through the room was 
laid in shadow, the figure stood out as a dark hole in the faint light, absorbing the 
smallest ray of light. But still Jerry was able to make out the details of the man. His 
face was abnormally smooth skinned, with flaccid dead looks to him. His eyes where hidden 
behind a pair of sunglasses. 

Jerry composed himself and pulled himself to his full height, look as calm as he could at 
the dark guy "you again" he said, the dark guy stopped a few feet into the room and looked 
at Jerry. Jerry felt how the chills ran down his back "I told you that I would have things 
my way" Jerry tried to look unimpressed, not succeeding very good at it "I though you said,
I would become you servant" the dark guy turned his side to him, grasping his hands behind 
his back "but you will Jerry, before this day is over you and your brother will be my loyal
servants, the senshi's will be dead and I will be ready to take what rightfully is mine" 
Jerry looked at the dark guy, he spoke like this was a common fact, that had already 
happened. The dark guy turned and pointed behind Jerry "matter a fact..." Jerry turned and 
stare, without a sound jay had appeared on the floor behind him, he was laying on his side 
in a fetal position, shivering slightly, his eyes closely shut. The dark guy continued "...
Jay's last resistance is about to break down. So you can just surrender yourself to me" 
Jerry turned and stared at the other "no way!!!" the dark guy tilted his head slightly 
"I offered you the easy way, now prepare for pain"

Anne sniffled "baka, you promised to be careful, what am I going to tell Marie" Eric got 
to his feet, looking shortly at the dusin of 2D shadow ninjas littering the floor of the 
bridge. Then walked over to Anne "Anne, we got to get moving. We have to find the one 
responsible for this, Jerry might be there" Anne stood a second the looked at Eric with a 
furious glare "yes we have to go and when we find him I'll give him a taste of my senshi 
power" Eric nodded and picked up his sword, signaling for the other to follow him. As when 
they had crossed the bridge they came to a intersection. Anne stopped and felt the air, 
Emiko halted beside her "what is it Anne?" "I sense my sisters, both of them, there near...
this way" she began to head down the hallway, the others followed. Eric hurried up on the 
side of Anne "is there a particular reason that we are looking for your sisters" Anne 
slowed down "the evil that has been doing this, somehow I know that that only together 
with my sisters, will I be able to beat him, I sense it in my soul" Eric gave a little 
nod, Yumi added "yes I sense great evil has made itself present on this ship, stronger 
than anything I have ever heard shall be a good challenge for a change" Eric 
sweatdropped together with Emiko and Anne. 

After few minutes of walk, the group heard a strange thumbing sound, at first they 
couldn't predict where it came from but then, Eric with his sensitive elf ears pinpointed 
it to one of the airducts just above them. Quickly the group took up positions, getting 
ready to deal with what ever crawled out of the narrow hole in the ceiling. With a light 
clatter the grid over the duct fell to the floor. Eric tightened his grip around his 
sword, emiko got her beamblade ready, Yumi prepared a spell and Anne powered up for small 
energy blast, she would be damned if she was going to be unprepared for this fight.

Then a shadow dropped from the hole and landed nimble on the floor, not making a sound. 
Emiko tensed as the figure slowly stood up, clearly alert, then he seemed to relax and 
said "hi'ya Emiko, kinda surprised to see you here" "Dachend?!" exclaimed Emiko, Anne and 
Eric. For good measure Yumi added "who?" "me" said the Wu and walked up to Emiko "okay 
where the hell did you come from?" quickly Emiko explained what had happened "I see" said 
Dachend and laid out how things were from his point of view. 

"So both Nana and Eva's here" "yep, Eva was capture by Huck and Nana and I teleported in 
to save her and Dracho'xian"  Eric and Emiko looked at the glowing red eye on Dachends 
chest "together with Eva?" Eric said remembering the grudge the empire had against Eva, 
he found it unlightly that they would allow any thing looking like a ally near her "how 
where you able to stay with Eva without detection?" said Eric, the eye began to glow 
brighter red "uhmmm erhh well you see I....sorta*cough*fused with her" Eric and Emiko 
shared a glare, Emiko smiling recalling Dracho'xian's reaction to Eva the first time they 
meet. The eye half yelled embarrassed "that's not important, Eva's hurt, so could we get 
back and see if she's okay" "WHAT!" said the four. "Who did it" asked Eric "Jiro" Spat 
Dachend. Eric grumbled something and Emiko hissed "when I get my hands on that lousy.." 
"I'll be happy to help" Dachend added with a sly smile "but now I suggest that we find the 
others, because if we want anything reassembling a chance against this dark sack of rat 
puke, we gotta get the three senshis together" the others nodded and ran down the way that 
Anne had pointed out.

Meiko literally ran head into Emiko as they both turned a corner. simontaniusly the two 
girls sat up and rubbed their foreheads, then they saw each other "you" both Meiko and 
Emiko exhaled "you" said Jinx, but with a much more happy tone than Emiko and Meiko as 
she caught eye of Eric "oh hoho who is this?" asked Yumi, Eric sweatdropped.

Before any one could say more Dracho'xian's voice cut through "EVA!! Argh I'll kill Jiro" 
he had seen Nana standing with Eva in her arms alittle behind the others. "Eva!" called 
Emiko, jumping up beside Nana. Quickly the group joined circle around the angel. "What's 
wrong?" asked Emiko, brushing a strand of hair away from the girls face. Nana shook her 
head with a sad expression "I don't know what's wrong, but she's getting weaker, I hope 
Jerry can help her, it's black magic" Anne and Emiko traded glares and Dracho'xian cursed. 
Anne explained to Nana what had happened. Meiko snorted "hmph, when you finally need him, 
he disappears, lowlife mage" Anne stared at her sister "shut up, you got nothing to say!" 
Meiko took a steep "oh yeah" Anne also took a steep "yeah" "SHUT UP!!" yelled the eye on 
Dachend's chest, so high that everybody gave jump and the Wu almost fell of his feet "you 
two bickering won't help her, Dachend you know a bit of black magic, can't you do 
something" Dachend made a sour face "for gods sake I'm a demon hunter not a doctor" he 
grinned, the group gave the Wu a very nasty stare "bad joke, bad joke" he mumbled and 
looked closer at the wound, after a few minutes he said "hmm very strong magic, should 
have killed her right away, but as she is not living in biological meaning, the effect 
has been halted momentarily" "what do you mean momentarily?" asked emiko "in about -1 
hour you can send this little girl to the junkyard" he made a cutthroat gesture. Emiko 
lowered her head and rested it on Erics shoulder, Dracho'xian said something very mean 
about Jiro in a strange language, Meiko closed her eyes, Yumi laid a hand on the girls 
forehead "Eva" she whispered, trying desperately to fell if there was a way to break the 
spell, but no matter how little she wanted to admit it, the curse was way beyond her 
power. Nana looked from Eric to Eva, tears shimmering in her eyes. Eric elbowed Dachend, 
hard "it's called discretion, look it up" Dachend threw a lopsided smile and shrugged. 
Nana looked at him "isn't there anything we can do?" the Wu rubbed his chin "hmmm well 
killing who ever threw the curse, should cancel it or enable us to lift it" Nana lowered 
her eye "that would mean we have to kill Jiro" Dachend threw a wolf grin "I haven't 
forgotten that you wanted to save the possessed jerkoff, wasting the demon inside him 
should be enough" "you really think" "hey am I a demonhunter or am I a demonhunter" Emiko 
looked up with a angry expression "then what are we waiting fore, let's get this over 
with" "yeah" the others cheered                        


Jerry stared at the dark one as he walked over the floor, looking at him out of the corner 
of his sun glasses "now why is it that you don't want to serve me, you don't want the 
power I'm offering" Jerry snapped back "because I don't want to be a slave and I don't 
want power, I just want a calm, normal life" the other nodded in a mocking way "I see, 
and this ..normal life shouldn't be any chance be linked with your wife Marie" he turned 
his back at Jerry, Jerry getting a bad felling about the turn of the conversation "yes of 
cause, I love her. Leave her out of this" the other looked at the ceiling "I can't, she is 
one of the main reason keeping you from joining me. Or more correctly was...." Jerry froze 
"what did you say" trying to believe that he had heard different "she is of no 
consequence"  the dark guy turned and threw a small bundle of cloth to Jerry, it landed 
before his feet. The dark guy gestured for Jerry to look at it. Slowly Jerry bend down and 
studied the cloth, as he lifted it into his shaking hands, he could fell how his mouth had 
gone dry and his eyes was burning. "Open it" "you bastard" hissed Jerry and stared at the 
dark guy, who expressionlessly repeated the demand "open it" slowly Jerry unwrapped the 
cloth, he was no longer in doubt, this was one of Maries favorite dresses. It was socked 
in blood. "Oh no" he whispered as he unwrapped the last folding and stared at the thing 
in his hands. Salt tears dripped down and ran down the side of the heart in his shaking 
hands. Jerry dropped to his knees. "Please dear good" the dark one studied him, musing a 
second. "You know, she was quit something, she never begged for her life, only the child 
in her womb. Your child" Jerry thought that his heart would burst "oh god no....MARIE!!" 
he gently placed the heart on the floor and rose to his feet. "You dark bastard, she was 
innocent"  the dark guy crossed his arms "she married you, her fate was sealed" Jerry 
lowered his eyes, then slowly raised them "you bastard" he hissed.

"ASTRA FATIGUA" the dark spher shot from his fingers and flew at the dark one. The dark 
guy didn't even raise a arm, he just let the spher hit him and the black magic washed 
over him, like water. Then the magic was absorbed into the dark ones form. The dark guy 
tilted his head "are you done yet?" Jerry didn't hear him. He was standing, arms crossed, 
his hands on the opposite arms shoulder. He chanted silent. White fog forming around his 
feet, a black mist emanating from his hands. The dark guy stood waiting in anticipation. 
Then Jerry opened his eyes, staring at the other, he spread his arms wide " EVISCERA!" 
fanning his arms outwards. His hands and lower arms beginning to glow with a shap light, 
but not blinding light. He ran forward, his hands drawing a flurosent trail after them. 
The dark guy just studied his attacker. Blinded with anger and sorrow Jerry drove his 
hands deep into the chest of the dark guy, to rip his heart from his chest and show it to 
him before he died. Jerry screamed, it felt like his hands into liqued nitogen. The cold 
was so intense that it burned like fire. The dark one blinked behind his sunglasses and a 
unseen force knocked Jerry away from him. Jerry held his hands in cramps as the intense 
pain began to subdue. 

The Dark guy nodded in acknowledgment "a very potent spell indeed, you have great 
potential. To bad Marie had to die for you to realize" "stop it" hissed Jerry, the dark 
one looked at him "but your pain has just started, soon Anne will die and then--" "HEY 
DICKSPLASH" the dark one turned, together with Jerry. "So you have finally come" he said 
not sounding the least suprised. In the door to the room stood. In front Eric, Dachend, 
Yumi and Emiko. Behind them  Anne, Meiko, Jinx and Nana, who put down Eva in the door 
opening. Dachend pointed at the dark guy with Dracho'xian who had the shape of a long 
handle with a sword blade in each end "hey, when the man says: stop it. It is to be 
understood as: shut the fuck up our we'll smash you ugly face and kick you back to what 
ever stinking pit of shit you crawled up from" Eric made a little lopsided smile and 
corrected a stand of hair on the left side of his face and added, putting his hands into 
his pocket "so, please, keep talking" 

The group began to move towards the dark guy, who shrugged "where was I, oh yes. Your pain 
has just started. Now Anne is here. So I have a little question" Jerry looked at him 
"what?" "I know that Anne is important to you, but so is this girl" from the shadows of 
his coat the dark guy pulled out Mai, still asleep, by the legs. "Mai!!" called Emiko and 
Eric. Jerry closed his eyes a second wishing this was a nightmare. He looked at the dark 
guy "leave her alone, she is just a child, she has nothing to do with this" the dark guy 
looked back "your point?" before Jerry could answer, the dark one had lifted the Mai out 
the side "Jiro" from a unseen opening in the shadows of the fare wall, the possessed 
Samurai appeared. Quickly he crossed the distance to his master and lifted his sword to 
split Mai in two. "NO!!" everybody called, including Jinx, Meiko and Dachend as no of 
them liked seing defenseless children getting killed. Anne made her hands into fists and 
concentrated, Jiro looked very suprised. As his sword was forced back.

Eric kicked into action, with Emiko and Dachend right behind him. He stormed forward, 
dodged the swing Jiro made at him as the samurai jumped forward. Dachend threw himself in 
a body tackle into the dark guy. Who lost his grip on Mai. Eric caught the little girl 
and rolled over the floor. Narrowly evading the slash from Jiro. 

Emiko, turning on her beam blade slashed the dark samurai across the back. Jiro roared in 
pain and turned at Emiko only to receive a blast of white magic from Yumi. 

Dachend on the other hand was way out of his league, the dark guy stood with his holding 
the wu over the floor with one hand around his throat, before Dachend could use his 
weapon, the dark one had knocked it from his hands. "Now you die" he said to the wu "*gag* 
give me your best shot *gag* " rattled Dachend. The dark guy tightened his grip and 
Dachend spasmend, then gave a lopsided smile, as blood began to flow from his eyes, 
nostrils, mouth and ears "it hurt okay, but don't you think there's missing something" 
the dark guy mused "an immortal, I did mean it was strange that I couldn't sense your 
soul" Dachend did his best to shrug "you *gag* win some *gag* you lose some" the other 
studied him "what can't be destroyed, must be immobilized or contained" with that he threw 
the wu through the room, Jeff narrowly evading the human projectile "ooooh shi-" *CLUCH* 
a small part of the wall that Dachend had been flung against, had ripped itself up, 
forming a several long spikes of iron sticking out. One puncturing Dachend's side, the 
others where clear of him. "What the?" before he could say more, the spikes had bend 
themselves around him, creating clamps holding his body in place. "Fuck this!!" he roared.

Nana who was standing back, watching the senshi's carefully forming a triangle around the 
darkone. Saw that Dachend was in trouble and ran to his help "no Nana, don't mind me, use 
the ward on Jiro" Nana stopped "oh yes the ward" she pulled out the white ward that 
Dachend had given to her "what do I do?" Dachend facefaultet "throw it at him" Nana nodded 
"I hope this works Jiro" she whispered and prayed that there was enough of her goodness in 
the ward to wash away, the darkness in Jiro. 

The ward flew, and slammed into Jiro just as he was about to strangle Yumi. With a scream, 
Jiro covered his face. The bright flare of light surrounded  him and began to cover his 
body. With a hunting wail a shadow sprang from Jiro's body. The samurai stood a moment, 
then looked around with normal human eyes "what happened?" then he fell to the floor out 
cold. The shadow on the floor wailed and crawled over the floor up to the dark guy, 
quickly being absorbed into his own shadow. Eric still holding onto Mai, but slowly moving 
towards the door to, bring her to safety, looked at the dark guy. Yumi and Emiko slowly 
circled him. Dachend called from his tied-up position "don't touch him, he'll suck out 
your souls" the dark one looked at him "be quit" from behind a spike shot out and through 
Dachend's throat. The blood beginning to flow freely, a hissing sound coming from his 

Eric put down Mai beside Eva, quickly to see if the she was all right. Mai was still 
asleep, but otherwise fine. "My scanners indicate that it was no drug or physical effect 
that made her sleep" Eric looked up "Eva" the orange haired girl, lowered her head "gomen 
nasai, I didn't mean to startle you Eric" Eric smiled "it's okay are you felling all 
right" Eva nodded "yes my functions are still at the 120%..." she blushed and lowered her 
eyes "...Dracho'xian upgraded me to. I'm sorry if I have worried you" Eric waved a hand in 
dismissal "it's okay, let's go help Emiko" 

The dark one looked at the Senshis, Anne now knowing what to do growled at him "now we 
will return you to your prison and seal it for good" the dark guy tilted his head "is 
that so. Jay!" Anne blinked, Nana's warning cry made her dodge left and the thrust that 
should have pierced her heart only gave her a deep cut on her arm. She swirled around and 
stared at Jay who looked at her with deep black eyes that could rival Dachends. Before she 
could act a intense blast of blue chi sent her flying, picking Yumi off her feet. 

Anne slowly pushed herself to her knees, Yumi had taken most of the blow against the wall, 
and she was also out cold. Anne looked up, seeing Jay coming towards her, sword held high 
to deliver the killing blow. Eric jumped in between with his own sword. in the blink of an 
eye, his sword was cut in two and Jay lifted, his own to decapitated the elf. "SOLAR 
BLAST!!" shouted Eric, the green blast slamming into Jay, Jay roared and sent the chi 
right back at Eric. Who was knocked sprawling. Emiko jumped to her friends help and was 
about to strike when Jay looked at her, his eyes flashed and Emiko found herself sailing 
through the air. Her flight cut short as Eva jumped up and caught her in the air, landing 
back on the floor.

Anne screamed in terror as Jay lifted the sword for the kill, scrambling over the floor. 

Jerry tried to push himself to his feet to help Anne, he wouldn't let her down not again. 
But the exhaustion from his Eviscera spell had completly eshausted him, he grined his 
teeth together "I WILL not let her down again, I WON'T" he focussed on Jay, seeing the 
demon in his soul. 

Jay froze, his face twisting in pain. Then he turned and looked at Jerry, who looked 
equly strained. Jay bared his teeth in snarled and a blue star of chi shot from his eyes. 
Hitting Jerry, who was to weak to put up any form of defence, clean in the chest. Jay 
looked at his fallen brother, Jerry didn't move.

"JERRY!!!" called Anne, then stared at Jay who turned to her "he'll die soon, just like 
you will now" he lifted the sword. Anne froze "Jay stoop" Jay turned his gaze upon Meiko 
who looked back "you'll die in time Senshi too" he hissed, Meiko clenched her fists "it's 
me Meiko, don't you regonize me" Jay tilted his head "death need no names" Meiko drew back 
and slapped him hard in the face "YOU.. YOU FOOL, DON'T YOU SEE I LOVE YOU!!!" Jay looked 
confused at her, before he could answer, meiko had laid her hand on the side of his face 
and kissed him deeply and passionately. After a long moment. Their lips departed. Meiko 
looked at Jay, feeling tears beginning to gather in her eyes "don't you remember me" Jay 
hesitated "senshi mus... must..." his eyes flickered from black to their normal color. He 
blinked a few times "Meiko" he whispered, then falling to the floor out cold. Meiko bend 
down beside him. Jinx looking around a few steeps away as Anne began to get up. she 
looked at Jerry, to her great relief she could see that he was breathing. 

The dark guy, shook his head and said coldly "another failure" a blast of dark power hit 
Meiko in the chest, dazing her. "Then I'll just kill them myself" he mused. Before he 
could act, Nana moved into his line of sight, light glowing around. Her goodness almost 
emanating from her as it was displayed in a room with so concentrated evil. The dark guy 
felt the angels presents like burning needles in his body, he had noticed her before but 
her presents had not been strong enough to concern him, but now however. 

Nana lifted her hands begging "please, stop this evil, please. I don't want anyone to get 
hurt" the dark guy looked at the angel, her mere voice slammed against his being like 
hammerblows "if you want the hurting to stop it was foolish of you to get my attention" 
the lash of black energy struck Nana in the chest and flung her to the floor. "Nana!!" 
called Eric, Emiko and Eva. The dark one turned and looked at Emiko and Eva, "you too have 
senshi blood" a spinning arc of darkness sprang from his outstretched hand towards Emiko. 
Eva seeing this, moved in between and caught the arc. Both her and Emiko where sent into 
the wall, making a dent. "EMIKO!!" bellowed Eric "EVA!!" roared Dracho'xian. Eric turned 
towards the dark guy "you basterd" the sword at his feet yelled something similar 

"Eric pick me up" said the sword, Eric picked up the demon blade "he is immune to physical 
attacks, what are we going to do" the dark guy streashed out a hand towards Emiko and Eva 
who where laying prone on the floor dazed after the impact "now they die" he stated. 
Institively Eric threw the living blade just as the screaming skull left the dark one's 
fingers. The double bladed sword flipped through the air, creating a spinning circle 
(think Ninja scroll) colliding with the screaming skulls path. The two objects meet and 
disappeared in a small explosion. 

The Dark one cocked a eyebrow as the weapon returned to the elf's hand.


"Any bright ideas?" Eric asked as the dark guy began to walk away from them, black smoke 
svearling around his hands. Dracho'xians eye blinked "I can canalize you chi energy and as 
a demon sword I can hurt him" Eric took his coat of "are you sure?" "trust me, he'll fell 
you blow all right" Eric turned as the sword morphed into a katana. The dark guy halted at 
the opposite wall and turned to face Eric and Dracho'xian. Eric closed his eyes and 
focused his mind, emptying it of all thoughts, his aura began glimmer bright green around 

"Now it's time to finish this" exhaled the dark one, Eric eyes sprang open and he stormed 
forward, the floor in front of him became alive, as the power cables below the metal, 
thrusted their way up, lashing at him as huge snakes. Eric duck and jumped, rolled and 
skidded. Showing nimbleness and coordination that would make the worldchampion in 
gymnastics fell as elegant as a hippo in glass shop. At a time he was even up running on 
top of one of the cables. Before another thrusted in from the right so he had to jump of 
in flip, evading the last of the cables lashing after him. 

As he landed, five meters from the dark guy, he had a good deal of scratches and a deep 
cut in the torso. but otherwise he was fine.

The dark guy just studied him "very impressive"  "oh you should see the time Emiko found a 
rat under her bed" Eric answered dryly. His aura that all the time had flared bright 
green, began to shine even brighter. Eric tightened his grip on the sword, forcing even 
more of his chi into Dracho'xian who was now shinning so blinding white that it was like 
looking strait into the sun (a green sun) Eric bend into his knees "SOLAR..." jumping high 
into the air, his aura exploding in green flames "...PHOENIX DEATH TOUCH!!!" the fire 
around him grew even more intense as he ended the name and the flames formed into a pair 
of huge wings. Giving the impression of a descending archangel, burning with holy fire. 
The only one that really saw this was Jinx who just could gasp and whisper "wow" 
completely breathless.

Then the blade lashed down on the dark guy, splitting his head in two and continuing 
further into his chest. "ARRRRGHHH!!!" roared the demon, Eric grinding his teeth together 
trying not to faint from fatigue. "How dare you pain me like this" said the dark guy. Eric 
eyes widened as the cute grew together around the sword. There was high scream like iron 
being torn apart, joined by a more human scream. Both sounds coming from Dracho'xian. As 
his body (the blade of the sword) was torn in two, inside the dark guys body. The two 
pieces of the blade fell to the floor with a clatter. Eric was to exhausted to even think 
about moving. The dark guy grabbed Eric by the throat "I will now devour you soul" he said 
as a matter of fact "I hope you chok in it" Eric replied.

Emiko lifted her self to her feet and look at the dark guy as he lifted Eric up "I will 
now devour you soul" she heard him speak. Emiko froze "no" she whispered "NO!!" this 
opponent was to strong for her to fight in normal fashion, she clenched her fists and 
grinded her teeth together. the anger and fear clearing her mind. before her inner eye she 
could see how Eric disappeared from the dark one's grasp, it felt so real that she could 
sense how Eric vanished from reality, reappearing, beside Mai, out of dangers reach. Emiko 
opended her eyes and saw how the dark one, looked at his empty hand, then at her, fear 
washed over her.

"You dare to interfere" Emiko sank something and before she could blink the dark one was 
over her. She felt how his strong fingers closed around her neck and how his eyes began to 
pull in her soul. 

This time the fear was of no help, it was terror that washed over her being, Emiko didn't 
want to die yet, there was so many things she wanted to do first.

She beat away on the dark guy, slashing at his arm with her beamblade. The dark guy just 
snatched it from her fingers and crushed it. In panic Emiko kicked out at him, but it was 
like kicking a concrete wall.

She felt how tears began to run down her cheeks. "No" she whispered, The dark one just 
looked at her with a flat expression and stated "you are only the first of many" Emiko 
closed her eyes hard together. She didn't want it to end like this.

"EMIKOOO!!!"   the flash was so bright that even through her eyes where closed tight shut, 
she was blinded. The grasp around her neck disappeared and she heard the voice of the dark 
guy groan in pain. Coughing she began to fall, but a strong hand grasped her arm and 
carefully lowered her to the floor. Emiko looked up and saw the silhouette of somebody, 
she couldn't make out who it was because the blinding flash was still affecting her eyes. "
Are you all right Emiko!!" the voice asked with deep concern, Emiko gasped, becoming 
completely speechless. "Emiko are you all right??" she nodded and heard the relieved sigh 
from her savior. "Stay here, I'll be right back" the silhouette turned and walked away, 
Emiko was completely dumpstruck, after a moment she was able to whisper "Rekishi" 
(suprise ^ ^ will be explained later) 

Rekishi, walked towards the dark guy who was still on his knees, he tightened his grip on 
his staff so hard, that his knuckles began to stand out white. He narrowed his eyes at the 
dark guy "you tried to kill Emiko" his eyes began to shine with light, in a heartbeat they 
where shinning like a pair of miniature stars. the orb on his staff began to shine at 
least as bright, with a pure white light. Rekishi lifted his staff over his head "YOU 
TRIED TO KILL EMIKO"  with that he hammered down, discharging the white magic right onto 
of the dark guy. 

The demons wail of agony rang through the ship, a nimbus of light forming around him as he 
crumbled to the floor, whriterring in pain. Rekishi backed away and called to Anne who was 
getting to her feet. "Anne, do something, it won't last for long" Anne nodded and the two 
other Senshi's took their place forming a triangle. Jinx nodded "yes now I know what to 

Their bodies began to glow brighter and brighter, the dark guy was beginning to regain his 
wits, looked up and roared "NO!" Anne, Meiko and Jinx answered as with one voice, many 
times stronger than they should be able to "YES, WE ARE THE WALLS IN YOUR PRISON AND YOU 
CAN NOT RESIST US" the dark guy roared as he began to spin around himself "YOU HAVE WON 
THE BATTLE, BUT NOT THE WAR!!!" was the last of his words that was in understandable form. 

he began to faster and faster. Until he was but a blur. Then the floor disappeared in the 
triangle and the spinning blur plunged into the darkness. The floor returned and the light 
disappeared from the three girls. "It's done" whispered Anne "he's gone" gasped Meiko "wow 
what a rush" giggled Jinx and then the three senshis passed out. 

Rekishi quickly looked the three girl over and then walked over to Emiko, kneeling down 
beside her, Emiko first not being sure about looking at him. Rekishi, the danger gone, was 
his old shy self "uhmm....Emiko are you...erh... sure your not hurt?" Emiko nodded and 
hesitating looked at him "Rekishi, I-" oh there it was again, every time she tried to tell 
him how she felt for him, neither of them could say a thing -ahh well, action speeks 
louder than words- she thought to herself. 

Emiko placed her delicate hands on the side of his face and threw her lips over his, 
kissing him deeply, after a very, very long minute Emiko slowly removed her lips and 
smiled, blushing a little "thanks for saving my life" Rekishi smiled like a dolt and said 
with a hysteric voice "your welcome" and passed out. 

Emiko smiled "hey! if you two are done making knots on each others toungs. Would you mind 
giving me hand" Dachend, who had gotten one arm free and had pulled out the spike in his 
throat out, said with lopsided grin.


After a few minutes, Emiko had together with Dachend insured that nobody except Dachend, 
who had his stomach punctured and throat cut open, was seriously injured.

Dachend helped Eric to his feet, the elf being completely exhausted "holy mother bitch of 
Christ, that was one awesome blast you made there" Eric gave a dry laughter "I doubt I can 
do it again" Eva came towards them supporting Nana, who was holding her head, a small line 
of blood going from a scratch in her forehead. Eric looked around "how's Dracho'xian?" 
Dachend blinked "oh shit!!" letting go of Eric, who's fall to the ground was cut short by 

Dachend ran over the floor and knelt down beside his friend. Carefully picking the broken 
sword up "fuck! Are you all right buddy?" "oh yeah I'm great, I'm fine, I fell wonderful" 
growled the sword "I'm just being torn in two pieces, it doesn't hurt the least" Dachend 
grinned "quit whining you bozo" Emiko and Eric walked up beside the Wu "is it bad?" asked 
Emiko with a concerned look, the red eye on the sword had a few cracks and a glowing red 
liquid was dripping from it, Dachend tilted his head a bit "ynaaa it's bad, but I reckon 
that he's not in danger. but he'll not be taking part in a fight for some time that's for 
sure" Eric and Emiko nodded, Dracho'xian groaned "why the hell are you so concerned for 
me, you and I have lived through things worse than this, so don't look so worried, I'll be 
fine. Is Eva all right? I saw that she got hit pretty bad" 

Eva gave silent gasp beside Nana, Dracho'xian was hurt and he still was more interested 
in her, than himself. She blushed. 

Emiko smiled "she's alright Dracho'xian" she stepped a bit to the side, so the eye could 
see Eva, Eva blushed a bit deeper red and lowered her eyes "I'm sorry if I worried you..." 
she looked up at the red eye in Dachends hand "are you hurt?" Dracho'xian's eye glowed 
even brighter "oh it's okay, it was my own fault, besides I'll recover in not time" "I'm 
happy to hear that" "r-really?" there was a long moment of silence. Dachend groaned and 
stepped forward, handing the sword pieces to Eva, then picking Nana of Eva. "Now you two 
can blush all you want to" he walked of with Nana "come on, we gotta check on the 
possessed idiots and see if they are clean or I'll had to do some dirty work" 

Eric and Emiko walked over to try and wake up Yumi and Rekishi.

After a couple of minutes, Dachend had declared Jiro, Jay for clean. Then started to check 
on Jerry, Nana beginning to see that her uncertainty being confirmed in Dachends 
expression, as the Wu uttered a silent "Shit" She was sure, she had hoped that the evil 
presence she had been felling was the darkone's influence on the ship. But now she knew 
that he had played his final triumph. Nana placed a hand on Jerry's forehead, he was 
burning hot, his natural resistance against the dark one's influence, probably due to his 
skill in the dark arts. Were giving in. 

Then Jerry opened his eyes and looked at them, Dachend pulled out a ward and flashed a 
cold grin "well, well. Shit just won't take a hint" before he could move Jerry had sat up 
and blasted him through the room. 

The others stared at the dark mage as he rose to the floor, Nana carefully stepping 
aside "Jerry?" asked Emiko. Jerry looked at her with cold expression "Jerry has 
surrendered to me" he looked at their terrified faces "you thought that you had beaten 
me, hm not lightly. When Jerry and Jay was born, I placed a part of my being in their 
souls" Jerry crossed his arms "now I have come to collect what is mine" Rekishi readied 
his staff, Emiko dropped in to a battle pose, Eric forced himself to his feet and the 
blades on Dachends wrists lashed forth. "Hmm you sure are persistent" spat Jerry, he began 
to glow with black fire. Just as he was about to charge Nana stepped infront of him. Jerry 
tilted his head "do you have some kind of deathwish that I'm unaware of?" he drew his arm 
back the fingertips stretching out to long claws. Before he could strike, Nana laid a hand 
on his shoulder "please Jerry, stop, you don't wish this" Jerry flinched as the angles 
aura began to glow brighter and brighter. Something inside him demanded that he killed her 
now, but something also prevented him from doing it. There was something he had to 
remember, something that meant more than the whole world, but he could focused on it, he 
couldn't concentrate. 

Nana continued with the same concerned, sincere tone of voice. She looked deep into his 
eyes "fight Jerry, unlike Jay you don't want power, you just want to be happy" Jerry, 
clenched his fists and snarled "you know nothing of what I want" Nana smiled softly "but 
what about the people you care about?" Jerry flinched again, pictures, emotions beginning 
to surface in black sump that his mind had turned into. "What about Mai and Anne..." 
Slowly Jerry looked to the side and saw Mai laying unconscious on the floor, then on Anne 
who also lay sprawled on the metal. He looked back at Nana, his head moving in small jerks 
"I can't resist him" he gasped, Nana sighed softly "but if you subcomber completely to 
him, what will be off Marie" that seemed to break something in the dark guys hold, Jerry 
gave a silent groan and sank to his knees. Nana knelling down beside him holding him. 

Jerry looked around him, he was standing on a plain smooth surface, that seemed to stretch 
into the fare away horizon. It was completely barren. He looked down and saw that he was 
standing on some kind of border. A spectral wind blew past him "so this is the final 
showdown" Jerry turned, he had grown use to that voice but it still chilled him. The dark 
one was standing on one side of the border. Looking at him. Jerry looked to the other 
side, it seemed lighter, more comforting, peaceful. But the one that the dark guy stood 
on was stronger more tempting, easier. He looked back at the lighter side. Now a figure 
stood there and looked at him with her perfect blue eyes "Nana?" whispered Jerry. The 
angle nodded "Gomen Jerry, I can't help you, non of us can, you must beat him yourself" 
Jerry looked back at the dark guy and almost took a steep towards him, to make a last 
attempt to beat him. But then a thought struck into him. He looked down at the border 
again and understood.

The dark one tilted his head "very nice Jerry, you are your inheritance worthy" Jerry 
shook his head "I don't want it" the dark one straitened his head again "you must choose 
Jerry, follow me, your father" "WHAT?" the dark guy crossed his arms and nodded "through 
the ruler of strauss was your biological father, you can call me your spiritual father. 
Just like you carry your father and mothers biological seeds in you. So do you carry mine 
spiritual" Jerry shuttered "now do you see, because of you training as a dark mage you 
were able to resist my blood, unlike Jay who felt it's power at the battle at Sarazano" 
Jerry clenched his fists  " that was not a battle, that was a massacre" "only the first 
of many" the dark one stretched out his hand "Jerry, it is the best, you will become what 
you always wanted, strong enough to beat Jay" Jerry lifted a foot, his mind was spinning. 
"Wait" a light voice called. Jerry turned and saw a small figure, standing looking at him. 
"Jerry-san don't go" "Mai?" the little brown haired girl spread her arms wide and smiled 
"your my friend" Jerry lowered his face "but I have the dark guys seed in me, I'm a danger 
to you Mai" "BAKA!" "huh?" Jerry looked up, beside Mai stood Anne "you don't dare to let 
me down, you promised that you would always help me" Jerry nodded "yes, but..."  the dark 
one fanned his arms outwards "you are a danger to them, see the truth" Jerry looked at the 
dark one again

"Dahling" Jerry froze in the movement, then slowly turned and looked at Marie, she was 
more beautiful than ever. She lifted a hand towards him "please come home Jerry, I miss 
you" Jerry took a step towards her, hearing the dark guy roar, then everything turned 

Jerry opened his eyes and looked up at Nana and the circle of concerned people surrounding 
him. Dachend rubbed his jaw "that was a different kind of exosisem hmmm.. works for me" 
Nana looked at Jerry, the dark shadow she had sensed around him, was now completely gone 
"is it over?" Jerry nodded "yes, he's gone... for now"       

Yumi was complaining loudly over her headache and Rekishi was a shaking nerve bundle every 
time Emiko got with in two meters radius of him. The senshi's were still out cold and so 
was Mai and rest of the crew. Nana was tending to Jerry, while Dachend walked over to 
Rekishi who was sitting beside Eric who was resting. 

Dachend sat down and looked at rekishi "hey I've been thinking, what the heck are you 
doing here any way, weren't you shipped of to the imperial homeworld together with Huck?" 
Rekishi gave a little smile "well that was Jay's intention" Dachend nodded "hmm yes, jay's 
intention, very interesting, but if I have to be frank with you that didn't make me shit 
all wiser" Rekishi gave a dry laughter "I have been practicing my illusions a great deal 
lately" Dachend nodded "and that means" "that it was me that they threw into the cell on 
the transport shuttle, but it was a illusion that sat in the cell when the shuttle took 
of" "so you got out of the cell, made a illusion of yourself and sneaked back on the 
Lohengramm and came to help us" Eric said, Rekishi nodded "that about covers it" Dachend 
groaned "then why the hell didn't you come and help us earlier?" Rekishi lowered his eyes 
"I got lost" 

Dachend and Eric facefaulted.

Jerry rubbed his face "I wish this was all a nightmare" Nana looked a bit startled at the 
grief in his voice "why" "because, Maries dead, the dark guy killed her, he gave me her 
heart, I saw in my dream, but he casted me her heart" Nana sat a moment and thought "that 
can't be true" Jerry looked at her with hope in his eyes "what?" "the reason he possessed 
Jiro was because he could reach for long in the outside world" Jerry looked at her and 
nodded "Jiro has been here all the time, so he couldn't have reached her and the dark one 
couldn't either as he was to busy with pestering us. She is all right!" he concluded, then 
bopped himself on the forehead "damn! why didn't I see that immediately" "probably because 
you where under a lot of stress" Dachend added and glared at Dracho'xian who was laying a 
few meters away, resting in the slender hands of Eva, the yellow eyed girl tending to him. 
the sword forgetting what ever pains he had. 

[One hour later] 

Eric called out a warning, emiko looking up with worry "somebody's coming" whispered the 
elf. Dachend looked over the state of the group. Him and Eric came to the same conclusion 
that, Yumi, Dachend, Rekishi and Emiko. Where the only ones that where remotely in shape 
to take another round. Dachend being almost as tired as Eric, but refusing to obey his 
bodies demand for rest. 

Emiko, Yumi and Rekishi took up positions, on the sides of the door, Dachend pulling Mai 
out of harms way. 

After a couple of moments they could hear, the low chatter of voices and rustling of 
firearms. Suddenly there was a low "motion in sector 6 sir" there was a lot of clicks as a 
lot of firearms were put of safety. Dachend flipped the blades on his gauntlets out. 
Rekishi and Emiko tensed and Yumi ignored her headache and got a spell ready. 

Eric could hear about 10 people outside take up positions. Then one of them called "this 
is squardleader Kirgis, identify yourself" Jerry was about to answer, but he saw that 
Dachend shook his head. the Wu then answear "this is Dachend Yayin, Hired warrior under 
straussien colors. If you are imperials we have the Commander of the Lohengramm as 
hostage, so no sudden moves" there was a moment of yammering from the outside. Then a man 
came into view his hands shown empty. His colors Straussien. Every body gave a big sigh of 


Jerry looked up at the commanding officer, that was reporting to him. 

As soon as the fused ship had reappeared between the two fleets, all hell had broken lose. 
Luckily the Abaddon had piled through and laid itself as a wall between the fused craft 
and the Imperial fleet. A group of vessels specially fitted for spacecraft boarding had 
hooked up with the huge space hulk. Now the men where in the process of bringing the 
Imperial crew of the Lohengramm into a storage room where they could be contained as POWs. 
The people of the Kircheis where also rounded up, being brought to temporary sick bays. 
But both sides were slowly beginning to wake up. 

Then the officer addressed Jerry directly "sir, what should we do, with the crew from the 
Genesis ship?" Jerry paused, partly because, he again felt the weight of responsibility as 
leader. The soldier repeated his question "should they be contained as POWs or brought to 
the sick bay?" Jerry didn't even hesitate "to the sickbay" Dachend came in "Jerry we have 
a problem" Jerry groaned, the thing he wanted to do most now, was to make sure that Marie 
was all right and see how Anne was.  "What is it Dachend?" the Wu tapped on a terminal 
"we're out of toilet paper" "what?" "nothing, Chris just contacted us, he won't be able to 
hold the imperials away for much longer" 

Jerry sighed, thinking. He wished that plum was awake so she could advise him. Dachend 
called. Tearing Jerry out of his thoughts "the commander of the Imperial guard has just 
hailed us" Jerry, closed his eyes and stood up, straitening his cloth "bring him on 
screen" a officer took Dachend's place at the terminal and Dachend walked up beside Jerry. 

The Imperial guard commander appeared on the screen "greetings Archduke Jerry" Jerry 
nodded back "greetings commander" "I'll get right to the point, both you and I know that 
your forces can't resist much longer. We do not wish to slaughter the rest of them, but 
will if you leave us no choice. So here is my proposal: you surrender the fused space 
hulk in our hands. You and the rest of your forces will be allowed to retreat. Then you 
can surrender to the imperial forces or you can continue this war" Jerry thought, but 
didn't remove his eyes from the commanders "no" he said calmly "what?" stammered the 
commander "I said no" "you have just judged you whole fleet to death" "no" repeated Jerry, 
Dachend gazed at Jerry, what the heck was he up to. Jerry clasped his hands behind his 
back "I have onboard this ship, the whole imperial crew of the Lohengramm" the Commander 
smiled weakly "we have a great deal of POWs too.  Jerry replied "but you don't have lord 
Jay" the Commander's expression went blank a second, Jerry continued "what do you think 
the Emperor would do if he found out that you personally could have saved his favorite 
lords life. The commander looked doubting "you wouldn't, he is your brother" Jerry stared 
at the commander "to save the lives of the soldiers in my fleet, I would" the commander 
seemed to think a second "I want proof that the lord is alive" Jerry gestured to com 
officer that hooked up a livefeed from the cell that Jay was positioned in. The lord was 
laying on a bunk, out cold, but breathing.

The commander looked on the edge of exploding, after a moment he said with controlled 
calmness "very well, I'll pull back if you give me your word for the lords and the 
imperial men's safety" Jerry nodded "you have my word as archduke" the commander's eyes 
flickered "we'll speak again, do not give yourself the illusion that you have won, you 
merely had the advantage this time" the screen went black and Jerry let out the breath he 
had been holding. Dachend rubbed his nose "a moment there I actually thought he called 
your bluff" Jerry nodded. But he put it aside, he had a ton of things to do. He could hear 
the soldiers cheer as the news of the imperial retreat was spread.

[Five days later]

Jerry entered the bridge of the fused Ship, it had originally been the Kircheis's. But had 
now been rebuild so that it would control the whole vessel. 

There had been a anthill like activity on the combined ship in the last couple of days. 
But out of what Jerry had heard, they where finally beginning to get the whole monstrosity 
to work. It was no longer a huge drifting piece of wreckage, but a enormous juggernauts of 

Plum greeted him as he entered "hello Jerry, we are almost done testing the last systems" 
Jerry nodded, Dachend came in from a side door "well, I've just been informed that, the 
engines are ready for a 93 % output and almost al the major weapon systems are in good 
condition. The really good new is that our shields are in tiptop working condition" Jerry 
looked at the display of his new flag ship. It was huge, it was bulky, it was ugly.

The long thick body of the Lohengramm was the main body, the Kircheis was molted into the 
top back of the Lohengramm, sinking deep in to the hull, bend slightly down in shape, 
around the sides of the Lohengramm. The White shadow had been plastered vertical into the 
joint of the two ships. Most of all it looked like the three ships had been slammed into 
each other and welded together. Although, instead of the metal having just fused together, 
it was more like it had grown together. Although Eric had made sure that the Genesis 
Dimensional jump drive had been removed, when a Genesis Ship had come to pick up the 
Genesis crew. The ships was still advanced compared to other ships.

Plum walked up beside him "final checks are complete" Jerry nodded "so this is the new 
Kircheis" he stated, Plum nodded. Dachend stopped to look at the screen, laying a arm 
around Plum's shoulder "yep, this view defines true beauty" Plum sweetdropped and removed 
his arm, not sure if he was referring to the ship or her "well, I thinks it's ugly" 
Dachend looked at her, a comofficer added "well it's big, not very elegant, but is sure 
packs a punch"  "funny that was precisely what she said last night" Dachend said with a 
wolf grin, rubbing his chin. a moment there was complete silence on the bridge. Every 
bodies eyes falling on Plum and Dachend. 

Plum blushed, Jerry cocked a eyebrow "have I missed something" Dachend shrugged with a 
innocent look. Jerry then noticed that plum was powering up for a zap and hasty moved out 
of the way, Dachend looked with sly smile at Plum "something I said" ZAP "letch!!" fumed 
Plum and pouting, walked away. Dachend coughed a bit and straitened his more than usual 
pointy hair. Jerry judging that it was safe to come out, asked "Dachend you haven't...?" 
Dachend smiled "no, I was studying the interior of one of the new rooms this ships has 
gotten, when the floor suddenly gave in and I plunged right into her bed" Jerry judged 
that Dachend had good fortune in being immortal. "Well, she calmed down when I explained 
how things hung together" Jerry nodded "well accidentally, somebody saw me leaving her 
quarters, her only dressed in her..... blanket, apparently somebody jumped to conclusions" 
Jerry had noticed that people had been whispering a bit lately. He sighed with a smile, 
another problem to be dealt with.          



[one day later]

Plum looked at the screen and was slightly worried, the imperials were outnumbering them 
with 5:1 at first glance. Jerry looked on the screen too. "How do you judge our chances?" 
Plum looked on another screen "hmm well, with what we have salvaged, rebuild, plus the 
five ships that came from Genesis. We're pretty low on fighters, the Abbadon has also 
taken some grim hits. Our only real triumph is the new Kircheis. But it should also be 
sufficient to make them think twice about trying anything funny" Jerry nodded and walked 
over to the command chair of the Kircheis and sat down, he hated this position. "external 
view" the huge screen infront of him shifted. He looked at the mile wide line of ships 
that hung about ten kilometers from the Straussien battle line. A comofficer called "sir, 
the commander of the guard flag ship has just hailed us" "on screen" said Jerry, the 
commander appeared "we meet again, greetings" Jerry nodded back "hello" "I have been 
ordered to give you a last chance to surrender and hand over the fused ship, otherwise we 
will attack and annihilate you all" Jerry closed his eye, he was tired of this fighting, 
tired of everything he held dear, being threatened with destruction. He looked at the 
commander "we will not surrender, but if you just order one small space fighter to 
advance, I will, attack with everything I got, including this ship" he saw the commanders "
I can assure you that it is fully operational, you can try to scan if you like" the 
commander flinched slightly as he looked at a something off screen, Jerry continued "I can 
assure you that it has more than enough firepower to destroy your whole fleet. Trust me, 
and it will not stop at that, it will plow it's way through the Empirer, directly to the 
Imperial throneworld, where I drop a planet buster directly onto of the imperial palace" 
the Commanded blinked "is that a threat?" "no it is a ultimatum, either you negotiate or I 
will use this battle ship to it's out most potential on the Imperium" the Commander 
considered this "good, two shuttles will meet on neutral space, they will negotiate" the 
screen went black.

Jerry stood up "get a shuttle ready, I'm going" Plum stepped in front of him "Jerry I 
strongly disadvise it" Dachend added leaning against a wall "and I forbid it" Jerry looked 
at them "I know what you mean, but the Guard has high honors they will not try anything" 
Plum nodded "yes, but that doesn't mean that the rest of the imperial fleet won't" Jerry 
groaned "I know, but who else could go" Plum looked at Dachend.

Dachend shook his head "hey I'm no diplomat, my best negotiation tactic is: agreed or I'll 
break your face" Jerry and Plum sweatdropped. Then Plum said "then I'll go" 

Jerry first objected but, Plum held onto the fact, then he demanded that Dachend went with 
her. After some augmenting Plum gave in.

The two shuttles meet in the middle of the space between the two fleets. Neutral space, 
but in firing range of both fleets.    

Plum straitened her mini skirt and Dachend tjekked his wrist gauntlets, he had left the 
badly wounded Dracho'xian back on the ship. The pressure door to the other ship went up 
and the two looked at the imperial officers, Plum took a deep breath.

Jerry looked at the small dots in the darkness, that was the two shuttles. This waiting 
was killing him. It had been over a three hours now. He could see how the crew was equally 
stressed. It was like a western style gunfight. Every body had their hands on their loaded 
weapons. But nobody wanted to make the first move. Dracho'xian hovered beside Jerry and 
looked at the screen with him. "I really hope that Dachend hasn't done anything stupid" it 
muttered Jerry was about to say something in response, when the two ships began to move. 

It was done, quickly he called out to the com officer "get me the live feed from our 
shuttle" the screen flickered and Jerry was greeted by Plum who was hugging Dachend, while 
laughing "we did it, we did it" Dachend noticing the screen was one, cleared his throat 
and nodded towards it. Plum immediately calmed down and blushing, looked at the camera. 
Jerry hid a smile "well Plum?" Plum beamed "the Imperials are pulling back from Straussian 
space, all hostilities ceased. POWs will be exchanged" Jerry feel back into his chair and 
gave a huge sigh. Plum said something more, but that was completely drowned out in the 
crew cheering. 

On the Abbadon the crew was cheering and singing. Ryan traded high fives with some of his 
flightmates. While Miko bounced around squealing with joy. On the bridge Chris smiled as 
he could see that the Imperials were pulling away, in a few minutes they had disappeared 
completely from scanners.

Back on the flight deck Ryan suddenly felt a tap on his Shoulder, he just managed to turn, 
before Miko had clamped her lips over his.

Plum looked at Jerry as she entered the bridge, he smiled to her and she smiled back. 
"What about Jay" he asked, Plum nodded "I told them that I couldn't make that decision, 
they would have to discuss it with you later" Jerry nodded.

Then turned as there became a sudden silence on the bridge and as he looked at the screens 
that connected them with the other ships, he could see that the bridges had fell silent. 
Somebody gave him a glass.

Miko looked at Ryan and whispered "what is going on?" Ryan shrugged "I don't know, but the 
moods to serious to be a victory toast" he could see how most of the other pilots were 
looking around confused, as the Headhunter crew were dealing out glasses and cups. 

As a young girl came by and poured some wine into Ryan's cup, he asked "what is this, a 
Victory toast?" the girl answered "no and yes" Ryan shrugged.

Jerry looked at the red liquid in his glass and then at Plum "what is going on" Plum 
whispered back "Dachend said that it was some kind of Headhunter ritual" the Screen 
flickered on and Chris's face appeared "Duke Jerry, forgive me, but you are not familiar 
with this ritual" Jerry shook his head "please continue captain" Chris nodded and spoke, 
his voice and image being carried out to every of the ships and crews "comrades, we are 
fighters, warriors, soldiers. We walk the warrior's path, it is a road that it paved with 
pain and death. Let is remember our dead friends, fellow warriors, that died in our 
cause.." raised his glass " the dead" and drank some of the vine. Everywhere on the 
ships, the headhunters lifted their cups and glasses and said "to the dead" and drank. 

Chris lifted the glass again "for us, the victorious" with that he emptied the glass. And 
the head hunters chanted "the victorious" Jerry put down his glass and nodded. Many had 
died in this war, fare to many. But now it was thank fully over.

The Crews cheered again.

[Two days later, Night shift on the new Kircheis]

Jerry was startled awake as a alarm rang in his room, a soldier came in "sir, we have a 
situation that requires your presence" Jerry quickly got up and meet Anne in the hallway 
"Anne you should be in bed your still weak" she had been sleeping for the past days, only 
woken up shortly this morning. Anne said with grumble "I'm fine" Jerry sensing that the 
problem was bad, didn't want to ague with Anne and hurried onto the bridge with Anne by 
her side. Jerry looked around "what is it? What happened?" the officer on guard turned to 
him "sir, the senshi Meiko have over powered her guards and has freed lord Jay, carried 
him to a shuttle and escaped in it" Jerry cursed, he should have ordered more guards on 
the Senshi's "on screen" he ordered. The image of the shuttle appeared. The weapons 
officer locked on to the shuttle in a matter of seconds "Jerry?" said Anne. Jerry looked 
at the Comofficer, who contacted the shuttle. Meiko's face flickered onto a small side 
screen "Meiko, I have you locked on, turn the shuttle or I will fire" "no I can't do that, 
I don't want Jay to spent the rest of his life in a prison" Jerry groaned "I mean it, turn 
the shuttle" "you bastard, we can't defend our self, you know that" Jerry rubbed his 
forehead and looked at Anne, Who looked from Meiko to him. "Sir if you wish to fire the 
time is now" Jerry closed his eyes "sir, the time is now" Anne took his hand and looked 
her sister, who looked back with a nervous expression "sir! I need the order, the shuttle 
will be out of range of our minor weapons in less than a minut" Jerry looked at Meiko 
"hold your fire" Meiko gave silent sigh, Jerry looked hard at her "when Jay awakes, tell 
him that I could have killed him and had a perfect excuse for it, but I didn't" before she 
could answer, he turned of the screen.

He sighed, how he hated being a leader, Anne gave him a big hug "your the best, sensei" 
Jerry smiled, oh well it did have it's bright sides.            




[One Month later]


[written by Jeff]

Jerry was busy rebuilding several Straussian structures damaged by the

 Imperial War.  If it hadn't have been for Nana, Jerry would probably be

 serving the Dark Guy right now, and Marie would be, well, Jerry didn't

 want to think about it.

 Still, he had various preparations to make for the party that would

 going to be held at the Retreat soon in celebration of Strauss's

 security.  The fused battleship was going to give Strauss security for a

 while,  at least for the core of Strauss.  The Imperials couldn't touch,

 even if they were surrounded by a heavy border fleet designed to keep

 Strauss from expanding.  Not that Jerry was interested.  Jerry knew in

 the back of his mind that they would come again one day.  He hoped he

 would be ready next time.

 Jerry then turned to his various chief officers and assoiciates during

 the war.  He first turned to who became effectively his agent, Dachend

 Yayin.  He christened him a Knight of Strauss and gave him a handsome

 sum of money, and a promise.

 "If you need my help looking for her, I'll help you find it."  Dachend

 nodded.  Jerry then officially decommisioned the Headhunters and paid

 them in full, with a 20% bonus.  A few of the crew decided to stay with

 the Straussian defense force, and Jerry gave them official appropiate


 Jerry then zaw Zang, Zin, and Plum.  They officially signed the official

 treaty aligning those two nations in a mutual defense treaty, and

 settled Plum as the official Ambassador for Zang's clan to Strauss.

 Jerry named his ambasaddor, a pleasant fellow by the name of Gunther

 Ipswich, to the Oni.  Plum was dressed in what Jerry surmised was a more

 formal Oni ambassador's uniform, a tiger-striped miniskirt instead of

 the usual bikini.  Jerry was kind of glad of the change, the bikini did

 make him feel a little uncomfortable.  Zang then offered his oversized

 hand to Jerry, who shook it as best he could.  He then turned to Marie.

 Marie, now seven moths pregnant, was getting rather large, but still

 looked as radiant as ever to Jerry.  They finally embraced, Jerry being

 ultra-careful.  He then turned to Marie and asked her if she wanted to

 go to the Retreat to celebrate and see Anne.  Marie smiled.  Being at

 home was not something she had wanted at all, but Jerry would have none

 of it and insisted that she stay out of the battle.  At first she

 refused, but when Plum told her the strategic importance of her being

 away (namely, Jerry being in one piece mentally and not going to Soun

 Tendo-esque spasms)

 she agreed.

 The final part of the Straussian victory ceremony was about to begin,

 the unveiling of the new Stromboli  Frigates.  These ships, made with a

 combination of Straussian, Oni, and a little bit of the Genesis

 technology from the fused battleship, were about to be named.

 The three frigates were named after the sneshi Tatooine, Makendo, and

 Kenshin.  Many people were surprised that Jerry named the ships after

 the Senshi, but Jerry felt no hatred towards them.  Hopefully now that

 the dark guy's presence was removed from Jay, he could one day recover.

 Jerry boarded one of the friates, the Tatooine, and headed for the

 retreat with Marie for the party and to see Anne.

[Lurker's Retreat]

Jerry was hosting a victory celebration.  The fused battleship was an

unparalleled success, forcing the Empire to sign a peace treaty.  While Jerry

couldn't take any land, because the Imperials would just bust a planet, the

threat of a triple battleship with planetbuster heading to the Imperial capital

was enough to end the war.

The victory celebration was costly, and there were still things to do, like

forming a coalition with the states of the Old Empire and the Oni to make sure

this didn't happen again.  While Strauss had to not support Kesserton,

something Jerry personally didn't like, his people were more important to him

than Sparrow Adams plan.  He privately wished him all the luck in the world,

and did manage to send a message describing Imperial tactics vs the Straussians

and Straussian countermeasures for his use.  Jerry raised a drink, everyone


"Good luck Sparrow!  Hope to see you again someday!"

Everyone cheered.

Plum smiled.  Her father was very proud of her and even named her the Oni

ambassador to Strauss, partially at Jerry's request.  Jerry then offered his

hand to Plum, who took it.

"Thanks for being the best advisor I could ever have.  I just hope you're as

good at diplomacy as you are in planning.

Plum smiled, "Benten taught me all about diplomacy.  I'm sure I will do fine."

Jerry wondered if he had made a HUGE mistake.

Eva looked at the sword that hovered before her. Blushing at it's nervous babbling 

"so...uhm... you .... see Dachend is not the person that stays in one place to long....well 

and.... and... and...." he just couldn't say what he felt like saying. Eva unsure of her fellings 

looked at the sword "Dracho'xian" the sword stopped it's babbling, looking at the beautiful

girl before him "y-y-yes Eva" "Thanks....Thanks for looking after me, and... saving my life" 

she bowed in thanks "erhh... uh... oh I would do it again!!"  Eva bowed her head, Dracho'xian 

felt his blade go cold, had he said something wrong. Eva felt really bad, she had noticed the deep

scars that mattered the living weapons surface and the small crak in it's eye "I'm terribly sorry.." 

"erhh why?" "Because of me ... you got badly hurt. Gomen nasai" the sword hovered in place

"Uhm Eva don't think about" Eva looked at the eye "nani" the eye blushed "well... uhm 

I just didn't want you to get hurt, so I didn't think about myself and got hurt. It's not you

fault" Eva was speechless  

the eye looked down afraid to make eye contact. Hesatating Eva streashed out a hand and let it 

run over the marred suface of the sword. Dracho'xian felling a light tickle as her finger tips just

touched his surface."you mean that?" she asked. The eye would nod but couldn't, so he 

stammered "y-yes" there was a moment of silence. Then Dracho'xian said "Dachend is probarly 

heading out of here in a moment, so I guess this is... farewell" Eva nodded weakly "but.." she 

mumbled. "But what?" said Dracho'xian "I....I hope I see you again... soon" she answered 

the eye glowed bright red "r-really!" he said his voice trembling with joy. Eva nodded "Hai"

Dachend had a smile about Dracho being happy, unlike what most people thought. 

he was happy that his friend had found somebody that liked him back. 

The Wu wondered if he could ever be the same, if things would ever be like they once

had been.

Then caught himself in it and walked over to the sword "hey, romeo! We leave in five" 

Jerry looked at the Immortal as he headed for the door "you leaving" "yep, this is to much

of a social event for my likeings" Jerry nodded "fare well Dachend" "see'ya Jerry"

Eric, Yumi, Emiko, and Mai were also at the party.  Their mission was over since

the senshi were no longer a threat to Genesis.  There was going to be a little

hell to play over explaining how the White Shadow was missing, but since Jerry

had turned over the jumpgate technology, so the ship couldn't go back,

everything was fine.  Eric was a little concerned about how some of the crew

felt about surrendering their ship, but since Jerry and the senshi saved them

all, they accepted it.  

Eric then shook Jerry's hand.  "Good job.  Glad we didn't have to fight over

that ship and came to a solution."

Jerry nodded.  though he often disagreed with Eric over a lot of things, at the

core they were similar.  If the two of them ever crossed forces, the way both

of them were, one of them was not going to make it.  He respected Eric a lot

for his ideals.

Marie then went over to Emiko and Mai.  "How are you enjoying the party?"

Emiko smiled.  They were both having a good time.

Marie smiled as looked she looked across the room "well I'll just let you two 

alone" Emiko blinked "what, why?" Marie pointed, Emiko saw Rekishi

enter the room and felt her heart bounce a time or two. Quickly she made 

sure that her hair was alright. Then caught sight of here. Mai giggled and sneaked


Yumi and Mads were busy talking over the bar.

"Mads, any good girls in here for Eric?  He really needs to get out on the town

once in a while- before you know it he'll be 25 and single- argh!  That's not

good- he's be old!"

Mads then looked in her pocket diary of notes on the regulars.  NO one really

fit the description that Yumi wanted- no one single that is.  Mads shook her

head.  Yumi then went to look around for a non-regualr that was perfect for




Chika's notes: I finally found this! If anything is missing, please let me know...

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